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RUSH: We’ve done Morning Updates on it, or have one coming up, the financial state Illinois is in. Do you realize Illinois hasn’t had a budget in three years. Illinois is close to the point where they may have to cancel the poor tax. Illinois has one of the biggest taxes on the poor in all of America. (interruption) What do you mean, poor tax? Of course they have — do you remember, it was April Fool’s like 20 years ago and I advocated raising taxes on the poor, that they weren’t paying their fair share. If anybody wasn’t paying their fair share it was the poor, remember how many people believed it?

So poor taxes have been instituted before and after my suggestion. And Illinois’s getting to the point where they’re not gonna be able to afford — the poor tax is the lottery, folks, state lottery, scratchoffs, Powerball, those are taxes on the poor. A one in 18 million chance of winning and you go out and you cash in the food stamp card and you buy lottery tickets, you buy Powerball. It’s a poor tax. There’s no other way to describe it. It is a tax on the poor. It’s a way to get everything else you got from them. I mean, you bleed the poor dry. They already have nothing ’cause the rich have already stolen everything the poor had. That’s why the rich are the rich, it’s what liberals think.

And then you institute the lottery. Illinois is getting close to where they will not be able to pay off. That’s gonna cause people to turn to the mob and numbers rackets. People always ask, “Why do people do that?” Because the mob always pays the winners. Just like the insurance companies, whenever there’s like a tornado or natural disaster, it’s not so much true anymore, it used to be the insurance companies were the first people on site and paying off, because that’s why they were in business.

It was the greatest thing they could do to ensure getting further business was to pay off right there on the spot in the midst of a tragedy like that. Well, the mob, if you’re silly enough to play the numbers game, if you win it, they will pay off. If you lose it and you don’t pay, then they come after with the guys with the cement swimsuits. But Illinois aree getting close to not being pay their lottery winners or anything else, and it’s classic, is it not? Who’s run that state since all of us have been alive? Don’t tell me Republican governors. The mayor of Chicago runs Illinois and always has.

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