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RUSH: Okay. So a cop gets stabbed at the Flint, Michigan, airport. The assailant shouts “Allahu Akbar,” and officials say they’re still searching a motive. They’re not quite sure. They’re not ruling out terror in the attack on the cop, stabbed in the neck at the Flint, Michigan, airport.


RUSH: Okay, now in Michigan the authorities there are saying it’s an isolated incident, the Michigan cop stabbing at the Flint airport. And here is what’s going on here. The authorities — have you noticed this? Seemingly after every one of these attacks the perp was on a watch list, the perp was known to law enforcement people. The perp was known. I notice it. It doesn’t matter if it’s the bombing in the U.K., firebombs, whatever, somebody on the perp list is known by authorities. And they didn’t do anything about it. And so they’ve been embarrassed time after time.

They call these terror attacks lone wolf incidents. But it always turns out to be a known wolf. You stop and think about it and you’ll agree, each time, seemingly we hear of one of these attacks, the person that did it is known to law enforcement, been on some list. So they’ve had to come up with a new term now, “isolated incident.” Allahu Akbar. Isolated incident because they can’t say lone wolf because the lone wolf is known, and they can’t say known wolf, that wouldn’t help ’em out. “Yes, a known wolf before the attack. We knew who it was before the –” Why didn’t you do anything? So now they’ve come up with a new term, isolated incident.

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