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RUSH: Let me give you the short takeaway here, folks. You have no idea the degree to which the media and the Democrat Party are destroyed today. I’m talking about how they feel. You have no idea. I don’t care what you watch, what you read, you will not be allowed a peek inside what they really feel. Complete and utter defeat, frustration, devastation, and they have no answers.

Greetings, Rush Limbaugh here, great to have you. Telephone number, 800-282-2882. The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

All they’ve got is chasing a bunch of Russian ghosts. They’re back at it again today with another congressional hearing. And Jeh Johnson, another vaunted Obama administration guy brought back up, and he was being asked today about what they knew about Russians tampering and hacking with the election. I just want you to hear this.

Mike Conaway from Texas: “One of our purposes this morning was to reassure the American public with [regard] to the 16 election and also secondly look at what we do in future elections going forward. You said in your opening statement, in your prepared remarks that to your knowledge there was no vote tallying changes, that no one’s vote was voted one way and recorded some other way. Is that still your opinion with respect to the 16 election,” the intrusions, whatever they might have been, by whoever, the vote was not affected?

JOHNSON: Based on everything I know, that is correct. I know of no evidence that through cyber intrusions, votes were altered or suppressed in some way.

RUSH: So what are we doing here? They are continuing to chase ghosts. They cannot win elections. I know many of you got tired of me pointing out the fact that the Democrats continue to lose elections because you said to me, “Rush, it doesn’t matter, they’re still winning.” That’s because the media is not on the ballot. The media is running the left wing now, not on the Democrats. But the Democrats not being able to win elections means the media has no way of implementing or exercising electoral power.

The Democrats’ electoral power has never been this low since the 1920s. A New York Times headline: “Democrats Seethe After Georgia.” Quote, “Our brand is worse than Trump!” A prominent Democrat consultant. They are just devastated today. I cannot describe it to you. You’re going to have to take my word for it just like I asked you to take my word for it back on June the 9th.

RUSH ARCHIVE: The Pajama Boy, Ossoff, is up 49-47, maybe 49-47 and a half over the Republican candidate. And it’s getting close. I have people that live there who are sending me notes that are in panic. They’ve never seen an election in their district this intense, with this many spots on TV and with this much hatred being bandied about. You can see it in the emails, you can read it. They’re scared to death that this Pajama Boy guy, who doesn’t even live in the district is going to win it. I don’t think so. Keep your powder dry. The Drive-Bys want you panicking just like any other election. They want you thinking all is lost. They want you thinking that Trump and you and everybody else is going down, down, down and that they’re on this great resurgent path, and they ain’t. They’re not.

RUSH: And I went to further predict that they were going to lose this, even on a day that Politico was reporting Ossoff was up by seven points, there were a couple of other polls, and I stood — I didn’t stand — I sat right here behind the Golden EIB Microphone, and I told you he was not going to win. The Democrats were not gonna win this, and I kept getting email from people who live there, “Rush, the latest WSB poll, every Democrat is voting for Ossoff and 15% of Republicans are.”

I wrote back, “It’s not going to happen! Ossoff is not gonna win!” They would write back, “But all the money, my God, it’s Hollywood, it’s –” That’s the way to look at it. They cannot buy an election. They had all this outside money. Folks, they don’t know how to connect with people. They nominated a guy who doesn’t even live in the district, who they think is the quintessential Millennial Pajama Boy. They think this is the way to go after Trump. They have no idea what they’re doing! They are not this great, vaunted machine that you have always thought of them to be.

I’ll tell you why. They are being consumed by a number of things. They’re being consumed by hatred and rage. They are being consumed by their inability to deal with reality. They have been pursuing ghosts for a year. They dare not enter the arena of ideas. What is their objective? Even if they get rid of Trump, it doesn’t mean that Hillary’s gonna be president. But they’re not going to get rid of Trump.

Let me tell you what this election means. This means the Republicans in Washington now have — and I don’t think they had an excuse before this, but they really have no excuse now. They have no excuse for not joining the Trump agenda. They have no excuse for not trying to push it forward.

They’ve been waiting, some of them we know, been waiting for Pence, some of them been waiting for impeachment. I’m talking about Republicans. Some of them have been waiting, they’re unsure what’s gonna happen. They live in Washington. They’re affected by the media every day. They do not know. They have not the confidence that you and I have and so they live with the possibility every day the Democrats are gonna succeed in getting rid of Trump.

The only way that can happen is if they win the House of Representatives in 2018. And would somebody tell me where there is evidence they’re gonna do that? They cannot win elections. They spent more money on this election than any congressional election in history. They tried to put together — folks, the way they ran this campaign is the way they’ve been running campaigns. They go after every victimized group in this country and try to build a coalition out of it, every victim, every grievance, every group they can find.

Then they get money coming in to support a candidate who supposedly is sensitive to all of these victories and all of these groups. Homosexuals, transgenders, trans-species, women wearing those stupid hats. It’s nothing but a collection of people that are enraged and angry. And they’re putting people off. The dirty little secret is that the media and the Democrat Party is turning off average Americans. They are not persuading. They are not convincing people Trump is a reprobate.

I even read a couple pieces today by a couple Republican Never Trumpers, and they’re bitter. They’re bitter that Ossoff lost. They’re bitter that Karen Handel won and these are Republicans, slash conservatives. I’m not gonna name names because I told you I don’t try to set up phony rivalries and this kind of stuff. The names don’t matter. You can guess. You know who the Never Trumpers are out there, and it doesn’t matter who; it’s the sentiment that counts. And they join the Democrats today in being devastated and despondent.

Nobody can believe this. But our U.S. economy is poised to take off, and when it does, the Democrats are gonna be left in the dust, folks, and it could be for a long, long time. They could be chasing Russian spies for the next 10 to 15 years, because they literally have nothing else. Wait ’til you hear me go through the Stack of Stuff today, some of the headlines, some of the stories, some of the excuses, some of the reaction. It is just priceless.

But the inarguable reality here is that the Democrats are 0-for-4 in special elections. And in every one of these elections, the media told the nation that this was the election where the American people, filled with rage and buyer’s remorse over Donald Trump, were going to express their disgust with Trump. And they were going to, in each of these elections, tell the American people they were sorry they voted for Trump. And this was gonna be the method by which the American people admitted their mistake.

Except it hasn’t happened yet. The people who continue to lose elections are Democrats. And it doesn’t matter what kind of Democrat they nominate. It doesn’t matter what kind of money they get to support whatever kind of nominee; they do not know how to beat Donald Trump.

They haven’t the slightest idea. They are depressed and despondent. You should see — I didn’t watch, I didn’t watch cable news last night, I don’t need to, folks, but somebody sent me a screenshot of CNN right after they had to project that Ossoff was gonna lose. It’s David Chalian, Gloria Borger, some guy I don’t know here, and Dana Bash, and I’m telling you, it is funereal, the look on their faces, utter despondency.

They really thought, they really believed they were gonna win. Their polls told them that Ossoff was gonna win big until the day before the election. The day before the election the polls began to tighten and Ossoff was down by two and they were starting to get nervous.

You remember the talk, they started resetting expectations. “Well, you know, maybe it’s been overhyped. Maybe it’s not that important.” But they went into last night thinking they were gonna win, hoping and thinking just like they thought Hillary was gonna win.

Nate Silver sent out a tweet on the 14th of June at 6:08 p.m. It was after he had analyzed the latest polling data. Nate Silver tweeted: “My analysis means there’s a 70% chance that Ossoff wins and a 30% chance that math is dead and data is broken.”

Well, math is dead and data is broken. Why do you think these polls continue to get it wrong? Why did they get Trump-Hillary wrong? Why did these polls get every special election wrong? It’s quite simple. They’re oversampling Democrats, number one, even in Republican districts. But number two, whether they are aware of it or not, they are stacking the deck. They are using polling data to try to influence and shape public opinion rather than reflect it. And this is another reason for their crash-and-burn and severe disappointment, because look at all the work the media did here.

You know, in addition to the money that the Democrats raised, 99% of the money came from outside the district, and it was oriented toward every victim group you can imagine and every grievance. That’s the Democrat Party coalition. They made this decision back in 2011. They were going to try to build a massive governing coalition, on what? When we talk about grievance groups and victims, what are we really talking about? We’re talking about people who are not self-reliant.

The modern-day Democrat Party, American media, led by Barack Obama, are actually trying to transform America away from a self-reliant, ruggedly individual, capitalistic nation into one where everybody is a victim and a member of a grievance group and is depending on government to take care of and get even for ’em. You look at every group that makes up the Democrat coalition, I don’t care what, look at the angry feminists, look at African-Americans, look at Hispanics, whatever group, they’re all angry.

The Democrat Party is not satisfying them. The Democrat Party is not making them happy. The Democrat Party is not delivering on the promises of utopia and a rising standard of living. The Democrat Party can’t even save the planet. The Democrat Party can’t even sell a hoax like climate change. And everybody that votes for them is feeling let down and disappointed, dissatisfied.

Because the Democrats and the media have given themselves a very difficult task: to build a winning coalition built on fatalism, built on pessimism, built on anger and rage. It’s not how you do it. They’re empty. They literally have nothing that is new or relevant to our times. They’re so far out of the zeitgeist they’ve got nothing to do but chase this mythical Russians stole the election from them. That Hillary should be in the White House. That they should be controlling the House.

And this why the people that vote for them are so despondent and now engaging in continuing unbalanced, insane behavior. Try this headline from The Daily Caller. This will make you laugh. No, I’m not gonna read the headline. I’m gonna read the opening paragraph. “A precinct captain for Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff’s congressional campaign complained recently that many of his constituents are hard to reach because they still live at home with their parents.”

They don’t know how to reach them to bleed them dry. They don’t know how to reach potential Ossoff voters. They don’t have their own phones, they’re living with Mom and Dad. They don’t know how to reach them. They don’t know how to reach them to ask them for money. They don’t know how to reach them to ask them to go to door-to-door. They don’t know how to get hold of them because they’re living with mom and dad.

I didn’t make it up. I didn’t say it, a Democrat consultant, Democrat organizer. Jessica Ziegler said to Slate.com, “Those were the angriest people,” referring to the Republican parents of the young Democrats. “When you are targeting their child, or heaven forbid their child might not think the same way as them, it becomes ugly.”

So now the parents of these Democrat kids living at home have become the targets of Democrat organizers. Jessica Ziegler, “Those were the angriest people,” referring to Republican parents of the young Democrats who are impossible to reach ’cause they still live at home with Mom and Dad. “When you are targeting their child,” when Democrats are trying to reach their children, it becomes very, very ugly because their kids are Millennial Democrats and they’re voting in ways that Mom and Dad don’t agree with and don’t understand.

So Mom and Dad are helping shelter their own kids from Democrat outreach, making it harder for Democrats to reach potential Millennial voters because they’re still living at home and cannot be independently sought.

“Ziegler, who has been quoted in a number of Slate articles and a NYTimes piece, added that the police had even been called on Ossoff volunteers on a number of occasions. Ziegler focused on encouraging young voters to turn out by recruiting recent high school graduates to get in touch with their peers over social media.”

They’re lost. And now in the New York Times they’re openly complaining, “Our brand is worse than Trump’s.” Do you realize for a Democrat to say that, do you know how bottom of the barrel that is?

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