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RUSH: Here’s the Millennial story again. “Millennials Say Student Debt is as Bad as Global Warming, Worse Than North Korea.” This is a Washington Examiner story. “America’s Millennials, the largest living –” Did you know this? Millennials are the largest living generation in the world. If you stop to think it makes sense because the age-group there is adults is 18-34, and there’s probably more of them alive than there are — well, the World War II generation is flagging. The Baby Boomers, basically their parents and grandparents. So, yeah, it would make sense.

Their student loans, retiring their student loans, the biggest obstacle they face, they say, biggest, biggest problem, almost as bad as global warming. The problem with student loans is that they, too, are sustainable. They never go away.

Tesla car battery story, did that.

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