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RUSH: Rachel Maddow, fresh off being a new model for the latest Ken doll — no comment. I’m just telling you, Rachel Maddow, new model, latest Ken doll — last night on PMSNBC — you know, it rained yesterday in Georgia-6, and we made mention of that here.

It was a big deal. It was breaking news here on the EIB Network. We stopped everything. “Folks, it’s raining in Georgia-6!” Why was this big news? Because it provides either another excuse or opportunity for the Democrats, and, lo and behold, Rachel Maddow last night talking to their elections expert, a guy named Steve Kornacki.

She said, “Steve, let me ask you one last question on this. If there was a turnout effect from the bad weather today in the district, does that have any partisan implications that you could foresee in terms of what was expected for same day Election Day voting rather than the early vote?”

Do you want me to translate this question? Rachel, did you understand this question? Did you know that rain was partisan? Did you know that there are partisans implications in rain showers? Well, here’s what she’s asking. Did the bad weather have partisan implications by virtue of the fact that it might have kept Democrats at home? Election Day turnout, could it have been very poorly affected, negatively affected, Steve, by virtue of the bad weather, does the bad weather have a partisan implication?

(imitating Steve) “I don’t know, Rachel. Is the rain conservative today because it kept Democrats at home? Is the rain liberal because it kept conservatives –” Kornacki tried to ignore the question. He said it’s only potentially a factor. But he said, “Look, you can attribute that to anything, Rachel. We’ll see if it turns out. But that’s something else obviously if you get into an election like this where it’s gonna be decided by a point or two you could blame anything, whichever side you turn up on.

He was trying to distance himself from it. But she’s not the only one. New York Magazine, written exclusively for people on the Upper West Side: “Karen Handel Gets Last-Minute Endorsement From Weather Gods — If you had told Jon Ossoff 24 hours ago that Georgia’s sixth district was going to see torrential downpours and flash flooding on Election Day, he might not have been too worried. In fact, he may even have taken such a forecast as good news.

“The Democratic congressional candidate is widely expected to win the district’s early vote. Republican Karen Handel’s campaign, by contrast, is counting on strong conservative turnout Tuesday to put her over the top in the razor-tight race.”

It wasn’t razor tight.

“At DeKalb-Peachtree Airport, which sits in the state’s 5th District but is close to a heavily Democratic part of the 6th District, 4.58 inches of rain fell between noon and 4 p.m. Eastern Time — almost as much as typically falls in the entire month of June. But in Cobb County, home to more Republican voters, far less rain has fallen.”

So, you see, the weather gods made it rain four-and-a-half inches on the Democrat side of the district and the weather gods made it just sprinkle on the Republican side of the district, and therefore Karen Handel got a last-minute endorsement from the weather gods. This is the kind of thing, folks, perfect example, 25 years ago we’d see this and make jokes about it, we would laugh ourselves silly. Not realizing these people take it all seriously and believe it.

This guy, Eric Levitz is his name, in election analysis points out the differential in rainfall from the district where the Democrats live to where the Republicans live in the district, and there was much more rain on the Democrat side. So, back to Rachel Maddow, there were partisan implications in the weather.

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