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RUSH: You know, it’s kind of fascinating to watch. After the special election in Georgia, the Democrats think that losing is winning. They’re out there saying this as often as they can. But the Never Trumpers, you know, I didn’t mention any names, and I’ve told you why I don’t do that. I don’t want to start distracting side shows by people thinking I’m getting into feuds with individuals. That’s not the case. So I never mention names, and it’s not because I’m trying to tease you. It’s just it doesn’t serve a purpose and it ends up being a distraction.

But there were two or three prominent Never Trumpers out there who actually wrote pieces that winning was the equivalent of losing! I’m telling you, the people that do not like Donald Trump have been turned inside out and upside down. They don’t know which way is up, which way is down anymore. They’re all inside-the-Beltway specialists. They’re all establishment oriented. They all love being members of the permanent political class, the permanent political elite.

Trump isn’t, and it just gnaws at them every day, rubs ’em wrong. So the conventional wisdom was that Ossoff was gonna win, all that money, highly educated voting district, all of it blew up. It wasn’t even close. The polls had it wrong yet again, despondency sets in, the Democrats’ reaction is, “We’re setting ourselves up great. This was a win! This shows that we can win! We’re 0-for-4 in these special elections, and that means we are poised to take back the House in 2018.”

The Never Trumpers were writing pieces about how, “This is a bad thing that happened. The worst thing that could have happened was to win this election, ’cause now Paul Ryan and McConnell, they’re gonna get lazy. They think that they’re gonna win and this isn’t what this means. Just because they win doesn’t mean people love Trump, doesn’t mean Trump is popular.”

It’s convoluted. I don’t care where you go inside the Beltway, it is impossible to find commonsensical thinking. It’s getting difficult to find what I would call normal reactions to things. You win an election, bad news for the winners, good news for the losers. And people wonder why Washington is in such disfavor.

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