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RUSH: I don’t know what has happened to Professor Dershowitz, but whatever it is, I like it. I’ve always admired Professor Dershowitz from the first time I met him in 1989. It was in a hallway at the New York radio station where the EIB Network was temporarily headquartered. Professor Dershowitz was strolling in to appear on another show. It wasn’t mine because I don’t do guests. He already knew who I was and he stopped and he kind of cocked his head to the right and pointed, “I know who you are! I know who you are. You think you’re a smart guy!

“You think you’re a smart guy, but you’re on the wrong side,” and he walked on down the hall and went to the studio. I’ve seen him a couple, three times since. But this past number of months, he’s been a full-fledged, 100% Trump… Well, I can’t say that because there might be things he said that I’m not aware of. But the public positions he has taken are 100% Trumpist. The latest is (laughing) Trump’s two tweets yesterday about the taping that may or may not have happened of Comey except that he, Trump, didn’t do it, and the left is having a fit here because they think Trump is behaving irresponsibly.

They think what’s guiding Trump on these two tweets is Trump still thinks he’s being surveilled. Trump went out there and said Obama was “tapping the wires” at Trump Tower. So he thinks it’s going on and he went out there, and his two tweets make it clear he’s not recording, but he can’t say for sure that somebody else isn’t. He can’t say for sure there aren’t tapes of his conversations with Comey, only that he didn’t make ’em. So the left is going nuts thinking that Trump is provoking them — and he may be.

I think Trump is toying with them and having fun with ’em. But what has happened here, if you look at the timeline, is it is entirely possible that Trump bluffed Comey. What did Trump want that Comey had? Comey had told Trump thrice (three times, for those of you in Rio Linda) that he was not a suspect. Three times. Trump wanted Comey to go public with it! Comey had told members of Congress that all the way back on March 30th. He had told members of Congress, he had told the media practically from the beginning of March all the way through the last congressional testimony last month of Comey.

Everybody knew that Trump was not a target and not a suspect of the collusion probe — everybody — and they continued to act like they didn’t know it; that he was a target. From Pencil Neck Schiff up there in the House committee to everybody in the media, to Comey himself, they continued to act and treat Trump as though he were a target, even though they all knew he wasn’t ’cause Comey had told ’em. So Trump drops this bit about the tapes, and it has been interpreted by Professor Dershowitz that Trump ran a brilliant bluff on Comey in order to get this news out.

Professor Dershowitz has written about it. He said, “Now that President Trump has tweeted that he didn’t tape James Comey, the anti-Trump zealots are accusing him of witness intimidation.” Professor Dershowitz says, “This is most the absurd of the many absurd charges leveled against Trump by those out to get him without regard to the law. Trump’s bluff was calculated to get Comey to tell the truth. How can that be witness intimidation? If it were, Abraham Lincoln would have gone to prison rather than the White House.

“As a young lawyer, he, too, bluffed a witness into telling the truth. In one of his most famous murder cases, a witness testified that he saw Lincoln’s client kill the victim. The time it occurred was at night, so the witness testified that he was able to see the crime because there was a full moon. Lincoln then handed the witness an almanac and asked him to turn to the date in question. The almanac showed that there was no moon on that night, and the witness broke down and admitted that he had not seen the crime.

“The defendant was acquitted. Lincoln later acknowledged that he had deliberately fooled the witness into telling the truth by handing him an almanac for the wrong year. The correct year’s almanac indeed showed a full moon.” Lincoln fully bluffed a witness and got him to change his story, which was a lie. Dershowitz says that all Trump has done here is bluff Comey into releasing news that Trump wanted Comey to release. You know, they’re treating this… Remember when the Democrats and the media were acting all frustrated over the remaining 30,000 Hillary emails?

She gave the State Department and law enforcement 30,000, but there were 60,000. So 30,000 were on her server that she said were of no relevance. They were about Chelsea’s wedding and yoga lessons and fast chefs and whatever else. So she held on to those, and then one day they were gone; she didn’t know where they were. So everybody’s having a cow over it, so Trump at one of his… It might have been an appearance or at a press conference. He made an appeal to the Russians. “Hey, maybe the Russians can find the emails,” ’cause the Democrats have been going overboard. The Russians are doing everything.

So Trump rams it back down their faces. “Hey, maybe the Russians can find those emails! I make a direct appeal to Russia to find Hillary’s emails and turn them over to the media.” Well, that was all it took. The media thought that Trump was now encouraging the Russians to hack Hillary’s computer system. They cannot spot a joke when they’re told. So it’s the same situation. Trump was joking, and now he’s bluffing Comey. Comey fell for it and official Washington is acting like a major crime has occurred in the process.

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