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RUSH: I saw this, it just brought a smile to my face. “Solar Power Stops Working Well When it’s Hot Outside.” Did you know that? I’ll bet you didn’t. I’ll bet that if you are a tech-oriented Millennial, you didn’t know that, and you probably aren’t gonna believe it. But it’s true. “Don’t expect recent heat waves hitting the southwest to make solar panels produce more energy, according to an industry representative. High temperatures decrease a photovoltaic solar cell’s output by between 10 and 25%, Stuart Fox, a vice president at the green energy company CivicSolar…”

This is in the San Francisco Chronicle so you know they wouldn’t lie about this. “Research indicates that a solar panel’s power output drops by 1.1% for every 1.8 degree rise in temperature above 107 degrees Fahrenheit…” (laughing) See these people out there with their calculators trying to figure what the electrical output for their solar panels is going to be? (laughing) Could you imagine being a liberal? If it’s too hot, you can’t fly a puddle jumper from Arizona — and if it’s too hot, your solar panels aren’t gonna work. If it’s cloudy, your solar panels aren’t gonna work; if the wind doesn’t blow, you’re not gonna have any power.

And the Antarctic ice is melting and we’re gonna die! That’s the daily outlook of the Millennial population. (laughing) The hotter it gets, the worse the solar panels perform. They’re probably thinking it’s the exact opposite. Bright sunlight? Terrific heat? My solar panels are gonna be outputting like never before! And it’s not the case. “‘If you take a glass solar shingle and lay it on the roof, there’s no air going behind it, so it might get a lot hotter — it might get to 140 or 160 degrees Fahrenheit,’ [the expert Stuart] Fox told the Chronicle.”

That’s what I want. I want a bunch of things on my roof that are gonna turn the temperature to 160 degrees Fahrenheit (laughing) while I got my little air-conditioning or my swamp cooler, whatever they use, trying to keep me comfortable in there. Doesn’t that sound like exactly what you’ve wanted? Solar panels on the roof that turn the roof up to 160 degrees. (chuckling) And all the while, they’re downstairs in the basement having an orgy over “sustainability.” (laughing)

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