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RUSH: Here’s Patricia in Canton, Ohio. It’s great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Hey, I wanted to tell you, I knew Trump was gonna win just like I knew that that Republican woman was gonna win in Georgia — and I knew because you told us. You didn’t tell us in your own words. You just told us over and over: Think, pay attention, and listen. When that came out with Trump, I had to talk my friends off of the buildings almost because they were afraid Trump was gonna lose and I kept saying, “No, no, no. Here’s what I heard today! Here’s what I heard today!” With you, I went to a rally, and then right before the election I heard Franklin Graham say, “Pray.” I thought, “Now we’ve got Rush and God together. We’re getting it.” (chuckles) I knew it!

RUSH: Well, you know, I appreciate that. I did predict Ossoff would lose. I didn’t go around the edges of that. I flat-out predicted it two weeks ago. With Trump, you know, I don’t endorse during primaries, so it didn’t come up. But I always knew Trump… When I saw Trump come down the escalator and I saw the first reaction to that, I’ll be honest. Like everybody else, the first reaction I had when he starts on that speech of his, was laughing myself silly.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: I said, “He cannot be serious. There’s something else going on,” when he starts saying about McCain and prisoners and Mexican drug addicts and criminals and so forth. But I wasn’t mad. I wasn’t outraged. I was entertained. I was laughing myself silly.

CALLER: Me, too. (laughing)

RUSH: And then I saw the reaction to it. The polling reaction was way up and positive. At that point and from then on, I privately had no doubt that — if he stayed in — he was gonna win. I didn’t think the Access Hollywood video was gonna hurt him. I didn’t think that was gonna take him out. I’ve explained why. I didn’t think any of the usual tactics that the Democrats and the media try to destroy Republicans would work on Trump, and the reason is very simple. There hasn’t been a Republican candidate… This is not an attack on anybody. There hasn’t been a Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan that has this deep and direct connection with whatever you want to call ’em — voters, supporters, the base — and that’s why I had to see, and then I saw how hard Trump was working, four or five rallies a day.

Never, ever doubted it, and that’s probably what you picked up.

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