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RUSH: Let me grab Jordan in Nebraska. I’m glad you called. Great to have you on the program. How are you?

CALLER: I’m doing great this morning, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very well. Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted to call in to commentate about the political climate that we’re in today and the recent shooting of Scalise. We have devolved into as much a normal state of an us versus them mentality that at this point in time it is literally killing us. I think what we as a country and we as individuals really need to do is we need to start focusing on some common ground instead of outlining all of our differences. It’s one of the things that make this country one of the best places on earth is that people from all different walks of life come together.

RUSH: That used to be case. It isn’t now because there’s not a single dominant culture that people want to join and aspire to. The American culture is being torn apart from the inside, ripped to shreds, and we’re being Balkanized.

CALLER: Absolutely. And, I mean, I think part of that stems from us versus them. Everybody wants to be right. It’s just, you know, just the climate that we’re in and what we need is a Christmas of 1944. We need to just accept that we have our differences and try to come together. And instead of focusing on the negative, we need to try to find out how to move forward from here and to find the common ground and get our country back moving again. And I think that’s something that Trump is trying to do. But, you know (sigh), he —

RUSH: You know —

CALLER: — comes across as abrasive —

RUSH: Let me tell you something, Jordan. I have limited time here. I know for a fact he hoped that would happen and was surprised when it didn’t. I know that shocks you, but he did hope that would happen. I have to go.


RUSH: Okay. So you want to come together, right? Find the common ground? Sounds wonderful. Where is the common ground between communists and Americans, communists and capitalists? Where’s common ground? Where’s common ground between pro-life and pro-abortion? Where is this common ground? There isn’t any, is there?


RUSH: So our last caller was upset that America’s breaking apart and now people are getting shot — I should say it’s Republicans who are getting shot — and that we need to come together. We need to find common ground. We need to put aside the “us versus them,” and we must find a way to eliminate the idea that we all have to win all the time. It sounds wonderful, and I understand the frustrations of people who don’t like living in circumstances like this.

But even if you embark on a project to explain how it’s happened, and you if happen to be right like I would be, then you’re accused of being “divisive,” because in the process of identifying how we got here, you have to lay blame. And laying blame, of course, is not how we all will come together. And let me read to you I couple of headlines that you’ll find or could have found this morning on the Drudge Report.

Johnny Depp Jokes About Trump Assassination.” He’s just the latest from the entertainment and comedy world to joke about assassinating Trump. The New York theater just concluded its run of Julius Caesar, Shakespeare in the Park, where Trump got assassinated every night. Books and movies on assassinating George W. Bush were acclaimed and some of them were in the running to win awards. “Johnny Depp Jokes About Trump Assassination.” He’s the “11th Hollywood Star to Imagine that Kind of Violence Against Trump.

An MSNBC host is the latest to pile on here, but there are too many of them to count. The MSNBC host said that Trump is like a “suicide bomber.” You get too close, he’s gonna blow you up along with himself. “Thirty Republican Congressmen Have Been Attacked on Threatened” in the recent past. You’ll note that Democrats are not being shot. Democrats are not being threatened. (interruption) No, no, no. I’m not saying they should. I’m pointing out the obvious. You point these things out; people accuse you of being decisive.

But, folks, we’re dealing with the Democrat Party. Maybe those of you who say, “Can’t we all get along?” should try telling that to the Israelis and Palestinians, the Arabs and Jews. It just isn’t gonna happen. Thousands of years in that protracted fight, and it hasn’t happened. What is going to make it happen? What did we have in common with the Germans in World War II? “Couldn’t we have sought common ground? (sobbing) Wasn’t there anything to build a relationship on? What about the Japanese in World War II? (sob) Was there nothing that we could have done? (sob) Did we have to nuke ’em? Couldn’t we have come together?”

Same thing with Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The lesson in all this, folks, is this is not how cultures are dominant. This is not how nations are dominant. Nations, cultures are dominant by defeating or putting down upstarts that will corrupt or destroy or pervert or whatever. I mean nobody, wants Nazism to be the biggest way human beings live in the world. Nobody wanted that kind of tyranny. Tyranny has to be defeated. Tyranny cannot be negotiated with. You can’t compromise with tyranny, can’t compromise with dictatorship.

And whether you want to admit it or not, what we’re dealing with is tyranny on the left. I mean, how…? How would you describe it when conservative speakers end up being the victims of riots and attempts on their lives and violence on college campuses, where supposedly the free and open exchange of ideas is what’s supposed to be happening, which is another joke. So where’s the common ground? Where’s the common ground with the people, like what’s his name from Belleville that shot Scalise?

Where’s the common ground with people like that who have been driven to near insanity by entertainment stars and media personalities and politicians that they adore? Where is this common ground? What is it? Where is the common ground between those who want to open American borders and let anybody into the country on the pretext that we have no right to tell them they can’t come? It’s because they’re poor because we’ve made them poor and we have a duty to pay them back. Where is the common ground? The ostensible purpose of the Trump presidency is to drain the swamp.

Trump won this election not to compromise with the people who opposed him and who oppose him now. That’s not why he was sent there. He was sent there… I’m gonna tell you what, if you want to know: The people that elected Trump expect him to fire Mueller. They expect him to put down any of these efforts that have sprung up that have the purpose of undermining him. They expect Trump to do whatever it takes to embark on a course of action that’s going to right or fix the country. Now, the people that didn’t elect Trump, they don’t think any of that’s wrong.

“What do you mean? There’s nothing to fix! We’re on the right road here. We got gay marriage. We got men pregnant with LGBT. We got all kinds of progress happening here. We’re on the way to fooling everybody into thinking America is destroying the planet. Why would we want to compromise?” They don’t want to compromise with us on this. But Trump was elected to stop this insanity, not become paralyzed by it or imprisoned by it. Where is the common ground? This is why, folks, I have been of the mind-set on this program that the left has to be defeated every day, not reached across the aisle to or not compromised with.

And I have come to those conclusions after years and years and years of observance. I look at how they have systematically set out to ruin and destroy good people that I know. They’ve tried it to a certain extent with me and anybody they consider to be a threat. Because they are believers in tyranny. They do not like opposition. They don’t think they should have to deal with it. They don’t want to have to debate anybody, ’cause nobody who disagrees with them in their mind is legitimate. So where is this common ground? We’re on the right road. Democrats can’t win elections.

They’ve been losing massively since 2010. That trend needs to continue. The media’s another story, obviously. But this is what I mean: We’re defeating them. No matter who they throw up there in these special elections, they walk away with their tail between their legs. And make no mistake: It’s not the Republicans doing it. It’s Donald Trump. I’ve got a story about that. I have a great story in the Stack, and it’s about the thing that the Drive-Bys can’t understand. They do their preelection polls and they do all their analysis and they figure a guy like Ossoff, he’s up six or seven.

He’s just gonna win and win big — and then on Election Day, he loses. The same thing happened in November last year: A bunch of people showed up that nobody knew existed. Except we told you. We told you Trump voters were there, and they were not being found. The Drive-Bys didn’t know how to go find them. They didn’t care to find them. Pollsters didn’t care to find them, don’t want to go where these people live, don’t want to even acknowledge people do live where they live. So they’re undiscovered. The story’s in The Politico.

GOP Turnout Confounds Pollsters in Georgia Election — The surge of Republican voters even surprised the only public pollster to predict Karen Handel as the winner.” This story says even the pollster that got it right was surprised! But what is it that surprises these people? Republican turnout. Why are they having so much trouble finding Republican turnout? The question is: Why are they so oversampling Democrats? That’s fundamentally one of their problems. Even in a Republican district, they’re oversampling Democrats.

Is it ’cause the result they get is the result they want? I happen to believe they use these polls as much to shape opinion as they’re using them to reflect it. But there’s something else going on here. There is this seemingly invisible group of people unknown to the pollsters. They’re out there, and they are living quietly, going about their business. They’re not tuning in to cable news every night. They’re not that easily discoverable with the standard techniques pollsters use to find people. But this group of people shows up every Election Day to confound every expert in journalism and polling.

It roared up on November 8, 2016. This secret group of Republican voters slithered around in the rain on June 20th in Georgia. You just never know where it’s gonna pop up. These are the Trump monsters! Call it the Trump Monster Vote. You can’t find ’em before the election, but when Election Day comes around, there they are. And they end up confounding every Democrat and Republican pollster — and, of course, everybody in the media. This is all about wanting to defeat… Look at the direction the country was going had to be stopped.

It didn’t have to be compromised with, it had to be stopped, and that task is still in front of us. Long way to go. But if somebody could tell me what the common ground is, I’d be more than happy. But can you tell me? Let’s look at some of the Democrat reaction to the Senate health care bill, shall we? Elizabeth Warren: “I have read the Republican health care bill. This is blood money. They’re paying for tax cuts with American lives.” Blood money! So you think some deranged Democrat voter out there hearing that…?

How many Democrats does it make now who have said this bill is going to kill millions of people? This is not idle chitchat, folks. When you’ve got a deranged lunatic vote out there already and you tell them and they believe you? You tell them that this piece of legislation is gonna kill people, millions of people? What do you expect them to do? Are the Democrats saying, “No, they know. We’re just exaggerating to make a point.” They don’t know that! Look at their comments on Facebook and Twitter.

Look at what they write. Look at their protest signs. It’s a regurgitation of everything they hear Democrats and media people say. Do you know what “blood money” is? Blood money is the money Democrats are raising since the recent attempted massacre of those Republicans at the baseball practice. That’s blood money. The Democrat Party is raising money from deranged lunatics after the shooting, as though it was a noteworthy event that showed exactly what the Democrats are up against. That’s how to fundraise at the Democrat Party: Reach out to the unhinged or the nearly unhinged.

Vox, Julia Belluz. “The Senate Health Bill Would Hugely Roll Back Women’s Health Care –Senate Republicans’ plan to repeal and replace Obamacare … would make it harder for Americans to access health care, and specifically make it harder for women to access crucial health benefits — from birth control to maternity coverage,” which means abortion. “This may come as no surprise, given that the bill was written by 13 men.” Okay, so where we compromise with this, folks? “Well, Rush, they’re just exaggerating. You know they lost and they’re scared of losing more and it’s a desperate call for help.”

No, it’s not a call for help. This is blasphemy. These people are simply engaging in full-fledged lying. It’s like Chuck Schumer has been called out by Grassley. Breitbart here: “Senate Judiciary Chairman Grassley: Chuck Schumer Knew Trump Wasn’t Under Investigation But Said He Was Anyway.” Exactly right. Where do you compromise with known liars? Everybody knew that Trump was not a target. Trump knew it. Comey knew it. Comey had told members of Congress and the media.

But they wouldn’t tell the American people. Schumer and the Democrats are acting like — at all these hearings — that Trump still is a target. Where’s the common ground here? We’ve tried the common ground. One time we had a 51-50 seat majority in the Senate, and there was a guilty Republican who decided to change to independent so that it would be equal, so the Republicans would not have the advantage. Jim Jeffords, I think, was his name. What was his name? Vermont, Jim Jeffords.

When we win, we feel guilty about it and we gave away the majority just to show that we can be fair. And, of course, these things are never rewarded; they’re never paid back. “‘This bill will do you harm!’ Obama blasts Republican Senate’s Obamacare repeal as he declares it’s ‘not a health care bill’ but a gift to the rich.” So Obama finally fulfilling my prediction. I think O has figured out his legacy is hanging by a thread here, has decided to come off the golf course and try to save it.


RUSH: I was not making it up: “Thirty GOP Congressman Have Been Attacked or Threatened Since May.” Washington Free Beacon. Elise Jordan is the PMSNBC hostette who says defending Trump is like “hugging a suicide bomber,” and she’s a former Bush administration official.

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