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RUSH: This is a teachable moment to show you, illustrate for you a little bit about how media propaganda works. I know what you’re saying, “Rush, we know that. You’ve been telling us this for almost 30 years.” Yeah, but it’s a great example here. It’s as much what they don’t cover or report on as much as what they do.

Yesterday Crazy Bernie was on two Sunday shows. He was on with Chuck Todd on NBC and John Dickerson on CBS. He was on Meet the Press and Deface the Nation. It was Crazy Bernie’s first network TV appearances or interviews since two of his campaign supporters killed people or tried to kill in Alexandria. One of his supporters did kill somebody in Portland, and the other guy at the baseball practice in Alexandria tried to kill a number of people. All this in the past two weeks.

This is Bernie’s first network TV interview since these two attempted murders. It was also the first Bernie appearance since it has been learned that Bernie and his wife are being investigated by the FBI for bank fraud. Have you even heard about that? Well, you have, Snerdley, because you’re a wonk. And I assume that many of you in this audience have heard. Crazy Bernie and his wife, it turns out they’re major money players, and they try to shift and they move money around. They take advantage of the tax code like nobody’s business, and they have multiple domiciles. (interruption) No, no. No, no, no. It’s not a reptile. A domicile is a home, for those of you in Rio Linda, and Crazy Bernie and his wife have numerous ones.

Now, they’re not supposed to have all this wealth. I mean, they’re socialists. They’re supposed to, you know, from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs or vice-versa. But Crazy Bernie and his wife are under investigation. Guess what? Neither Chuck Todd nor John Dickerson asked a single question about the political violence or the bank fraud charges or the investigations. Not a single one.

You got two crazed Bernie supporters out there who committed murder and one who tried to, and then Crazy Bernie tried to distance himself from the shooter at the baseball practice and then within days goes out and starts encouraging similar behavior. (imitating Bernie) “You gotta really step up. And we can’t take any excuse. We must do everything we can to take back our power,” or whatever, in this crazed atmosphere.

He wasn’t asked one question. And of course we do the old reversal theory. If it had been Sarah Palin showing up on TV after Gabby Giffords, do you think she would have been not asked about what they were claiming was the reason the shooter shot Gabby Giffords, which of course was totally fabricated. How do you do this? How do you have Crazy Bernie on, you don’t ask him about the bank investigation, bank fraud or his wife, you don’t ask him about these two crazed — I mean, the answer is obvious, but I just wanted to point it out.

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