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RUSH: It’s Eugene, Oregon. This is Adam. Glad you waited. Appreciate your patience. Welcome to EIB Network.

CALLER: Thank you, sir. I got a quick question. What do you think about this? The media and the Deep State has been coming out swinging from Day One. They have nothing on collusion; they have nothing on —

RUSH: Obstruction.

CALLER: Obstruction of justice, thank you. They have zero evidence on anything, and he just keeps letting ’em come out swinging, come out swinging, come out swinging. And now it seems like things are starting to get put back on the Dems and others that are involved. Do you think Trump is playing the rope-a-dope game?

RUSH: It’s interesting that you ask me that. I had an email message last night from a financial whiz who thinks he’s also a political expert. Don’t tell him, but he’s still a novice. But he thinks he’s an expert. And he always sucks up to me by sending me his theories in the form of a question, asking me to confirm or deny. And I’m sure he’s surrounded by a bunch of women at a bar when he’s doing this, and he’s saying “Look at what Rush Limbaugh just said, I was right.” I know the drill. The guy’s a nice guy, it’s fun.

Anyway, he said, “Rush, do you know what I think’s going on here? I think Trump’s been duping these people from Day One. It’s kind of like the snowball analogy, Rush. A little snowball at the top of the mountain starts rolling down the hill and the snowball keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And that snowball’s eventually gonna become an avalanche and that avalanche is being aimed right at the media. What do you think of that, Rush?”

So here you are calling me today, Adam, asking me the same thing: Is Trump doing rope-a-dope? No. Well, I say “no.” I think Trump is entirely capable of it. I think Trump is entirely capable of staging any number of things, including White House chaos, in order to disrupt and distract. If you take a look, folks, I mean, let’s just try to get rid of some of the fog here.

While the media, the anti-Trump media and the Never Trumper media on the right, while they are focused on this singular story of getting rid of Trump either via collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice or firing the FBI director or what have you, while they’re all looking at that daily, while they’re focused on it 24/7, Trump is moving his agenda.

He’s having meetings with all these different groups — technology week, health care week, you name it — he had his trip to the Middle East. The Conference Board has a story out today consumer confidence has rebounded now to like a three- or four-year high. Trump is doing everything he can do with executive orders. Now, you know what most of that is? Most of that is unraveling the Obama legacy. This is the danger of doing things by executive order. The next president can come in and erase them.

Much of what Obama did was via executive order. Obama didn’t have a lot of legislation passed. Particularly after 2010, after the midterms, Obama couldn’t get much legislation passed. So everything he did with waivers on Obamacare and the things he did on immigration, the things he did with DREAMers and gay marriage — well, that ended up being Supreme Court, but most of this stuff was done by executive order. So Trump is able to go in and cancel it all. And he is doing that. He is unraveling, he’s canceling the Obama legacy, which has them livid. And it’s only possible because Obama was unable to get a lot of legislation passed.

I mean, if some of this health care stuff, some of these waivers had been backed up by legislation, Trump could not have gotten rid of it unless he had similar legislation which overrode it or canceled it. Since it was mostly executive orders, he can say not now, not now, and cancel it and substitute his own. But he’s done that. He’s done that. Look at the numbers of people — immigrants are down, illegal immigration is down. The number of refugees trying to get in America is way, way down.

Trump shows up for work every day and is continuing, he’s halved regulations. There’s a big focus on eliminating regulations and policing new ones. You could make the case — and look at his judicial appointment, Gorsuch, and these 11 other federal court judges, the list that he’s got, they are right out of something maybe Reagan would chose, maybe even better. So you could make the case over here that one hand the Trump agenda, to the extent that he can advance it, is being advanced.

The media is not even trying to stop it directly. They’re still trying to destroy Trump when it comes to Russia, collusion, Comey being fired and all that, which is enabling Trump do an end run. Now, could it be that Trump is feeding this chaos by keeping them focused? And look at the tweets. Trump’s tweets every day are designed to tick them off. Trump’s tweets are designed to just hit them upside the head. Trump’s tweets are designed to trickle into their nostrils and go down their throats and upset their stomachs, and he’s got dead aim on all this.

Now, is this strategy, or is this just Trump instinct? We don’t know. But more and more people are now beginning to echo the sentiments with which I opened the program yesterday, that seemingly there’s been a momentum shift. And at some point there would have to be. When you’re trying to make something out of nothing, nothing is still what you have. And they don’t have anything. Their primary premise, they have nothing. And yet they’re totally devoted to it, the media, I mean.

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