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RUSH: So three years ago, liberals in Seattle insisted on raising the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour. Business owners and others warned that it would cost jobs and hurt the economy.

Now, a study conducted by economists at the University of Washington confirms what everybody knew, except the left. Instead of helping workers, the minimum wage increase hurt them.

The study found a dramatic effect on business owners who stopped hiring, reduced hours for existing workers, and let other workers go.

The study estimates that the average low-wage worker in Seattle lost $125 a month due to the minimum wage increase. The losses it caused far outweighed any benefits.

I told you Monday on my show what’s happening at McDonald’s. Their stock was tanking. They turned around when they began installing thousands of kiosks to bring down labor costs. The kiosks don’t demand $15 an hour.

Liberals believe business owners have piles of cash sitting around unused that can support the costly policies the left demands. But it doesn’t work like that. Keeping labor costs under control is crucial to the survival of any business, and knowing what they are. When liberals arrogantly raise those costs arbitrarily it always hurts the employees. They are the ones that suffer.

But even with this fresh evidence, liberals will never admit that they were wrong. They’ll find ways to inflict even more pain on the economy and kill more jobs. That’s just what they do when they’re trying to help people.

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