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RUSH: I opened the program yesterday by saying, ladies and gentlemen, I detected a shift in momentum after the Washington Post story on Friday which essentially ended up blaming Obama for doing nothing but Russian interference. Obama’s brave struggle, remember the headline, Obama’s brave struggle to punish the Russians or stop the Russians or what have you. And my opening monologue featured my recollection of thoughts over the weekend about how the momentum might be shifting here. That we may be approaching that moment in time where the left has shot its wad, so to speak. They’ve shot everything they’ve got at Trump and Trump’s still there and the momentum is starting to turn.

Guess what? A Rush echo. Last night on the Fox News Channel, Tucker Carlson, Victor Davis Hanson with the Rush echo. The question from Carlson: “Victor, what is all this? The Washington Post story, Russian meddling, Obama’s attempts to punish Vladimir Putin. What’s going on here, Victor?”

HANSON: I think the whole political landscape, the investigatory landscape and the cultural landscape is starting to shift. I think we’ve really underestimated James Comey’s testimony. It was a Pandora’s box that let out a lot of demons and we haven’t fully digested them. Loretta Lynch is facing a lot of exposure. Comey admits that he acceded to her requests, and that’s a de facto impediment. And then we haven’t really digested that Bill Clinton tarmac meeting with her. We have Comey who said that he leaked a letter so that he could prompt a special investigator and then as soon as he finished that investigation his best friend was appointed to the job. We have a House Intelligence Committee that’s now looking at Rice and Brennan and Power.

RUSH: Precisely what I said yesterday, Rush echo. So next question from Tucker. He said, “So what you’re saying is what Rush Limbaugh said today, that this may wind up in places we don’t anticipate.” Tucker didn’t put me in the question. I did that myself. Here’s the answer.

HANSON: Yeah, I think it’s a boomerang, a progressive boomerang if you’re gonna take out the king you gotta take him out. And it didn’t work and Trump’s a Nietzschean figure that gets stronger. Anything that doesn’t take him out makes his stronger. Culturally people are tired of finding another day, another celebrity tries to imagine a way of killing the president of the United States.

RUSH: Right. Right.

HANSON: Deep state, Obama bureaucrats, impeachment, 25th amendment, it’s just saturating the people. The slow-motion coup is running out of steam. It’s all working to Trump’s benefit in a way that none of us ever imagined.

RUSH: So just to have that on the record. There are others that also sense this shift coming.


RUSH: Pleasanton, California, is next. This is Chris, and it’s a pleasure to have you. How are you doing?

CALLER: Very good, Rush. Thank you. Last year when we were learning about Hillary’s server in her bathroom with the classified information on it, one of the most serious things, probably the most serious thing about it was the possibility, the probability that foreign governments could even more easily hack into that.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: And for that reason the Democrats were downplaying that the threat of the Russia, for example. We were hearing things like, “Well, you don’t know they have it,” and things like that. And so it seems clear to me that now that we’re learning that, you know, Obama knew about what Russia was up to hacking-wise and didn’t say anything, it was because he was trying to help Hillary. Doesn’t that seem clear?

RUSH: I think there’s a whole lot of factors involved and that’s one of them. They thought Hillary was going to win. So why taint her victory with the story that the Russians were tampering or hacking around in the election? The second thing is, I don’t think he wanted to go public with it as you say, because if the Russians could hack election systems to affect the outcome, which Obama was publicly saying they could not do at the time, if Russia was able to hack the DNC computers and network, then wouldn’t it be a logical conclusion they could get into Hillary’s server and didn’t want to go there.

I think a lot of this was to protect Hillary and Obama himself too. I think this Washington Post story is amazing, 36 pages about the bravery and courage of Obama. And it’s 36 pages of Obama’s impotence, inability to stop this, even while being in full knowledge of it. I still think it’s a hoax.

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