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RUSH: The Obamas are under fire. The left is seething at Obama. Are you aware of this? Because he’s on this never-ending exotic vacation with all these billionaires. He’s on David Geffen’s yacht out there, which looks like a Carnival cruise line ship. I mean, it’s that big. He’s hanging around Malaysia. He’s hanging around Marlon Brandon’s place over in Bali. He is doing all these speeches for bankers. I mean, they’re looking at him as a sellout.

“Obamas Under Fire from the Left for Never-Ending, Sizzling Ultra-Luxury Vacations.” And there’s a long list of things here that true believers on the left are upset about. They’ve never known who Obama is. You know, it’s amazing. I know better who Obama is and what he’s made up of and what his objectives are than all of these sycophants who had this slavish devotion to the guy. They had a slavish devotion to an ideal.

He was a blank canvas, and they could make him whatever they wanted him to be, and he was nothing like what they wanted him to be. He’s just like the Clintons, craving cash, craving money, craving status that derives from wealth. He desires to be friends with the people in that stratosphere. And he’s doing everything he can to hobnob with them and to become one of them in mind and body and bankbook.

And he’s being viewed here as a sellout to the cause. He should be back community organizing. He should be helping the downtrodden, the poor, the starving, the thirsty, the hungry and all this. And it’s clear he’s not wanting anything to do with those people, and he doesn’t even want much to do with the United States. He doesn’t hang around here. He’s back home — up, sorry — he’s back in Indonesia. He was over in Malaysia. He’d been palling around in Greece with David Geffen on the yacht and so forth.

I don’t care, folks. It doesn’t matter to me what people do. But there are people on the left feeling like they have been betrayed, like Obama is a sellout. We tried to tell ’em, for how long did we try to tell them? Fell upon deaf ears.

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