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RUSH: If you live in America’s heartland, you’ll be thrilled to know the Democrat party wants to make amends.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has appointed a congresswoman from Illinois, Cheri Bustos, to head their “Heartland Engagement” office.

Ms. Bustos says the heartland is critical to Democrats winning back the House. She says that her party has got to do better when it comes to listening to people from small towns and rural areas. Flyover country, in other words.

Now, she says the Democrats want to help people in the wasteland – excuse me, the heartland – find good-paying jobs, raise strong families, and live the American Dream in the great American wasteland, uh, heartland. As the new “Heartland Engagement” ambassador, Ms. Bustos wants to build a partnership with you in the wasteland. Heartland.

Every time Democrats lose big they do this, folks. When Howard Dean took over the DNC years ago he promised that Democrats would stop ignoring the heartland and pay attention to their values.

But it’s all BS. Democrats despise the values of the heartland. They mock them every chance they get. Remember Obama’s “bitter clingers” – you people in small-town America holding onto your guns and your religion?

The Democrat Party agenda has never been about engaging with the heartland’s traditional values. It’s about wiping them out.

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