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RUSH: My friends, the Washington Post has discovered how unfair life in America is right in their own backyard.

Washington D.C. is prospering. Population in “the District” has been growing by leaps and bounds. Some neighborhoods are becoming more affluent by the day. As affluent neighborhoods grow so do the businesses that support them, like supermarkets. New markets in upscale neighborhoods are targeting foodies with all sorts of exotic items. Some even hire live jazz combos to provide entertainment for shoppers.

But over the past ten years, while supermarkets have multiplied in rich neighborhoods, poor Washington D.C. neighborhoods have not fared as well. The Post reports that in the poorest neighborhoods, the number of supermarkets have plummeted. A long-standing grocery-gap has grown worse. How bad is it? Well, in poor neighborhoods, there are 50,000 people for every grocery store. In rich areas, there are 10,000 people per store.

The rich have more grocery options than the poor. Rich people live in neighborhoods that cater to foodies. Poor people live with food insecurities. Rich-people supermarkets have jazz combos. Poor-people supermarkets have long lines and food stamps.

Supermarkets in poor neighborhoods have another disadvantage. They’ve got to make 30 percent more profit than the rich competitors to offset the cost of shoplifting, security and high staff turnover.

Oh yeah, that might explain why poor neighborhoods have fewer stores. But that’s beside the point. You have to stick to the narrative, which is life in America is unfair because the rich have stolen everything the poor had.

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