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Sneak Peek: Rush on Upcoming Cover of Newsweek

The Newsweek magazine cover that I told you on Tuesday afternoon I posed foris out. It's a great picture. If you are a friend of mine the picture says, "Come on in." If you don't like me, the picture says, "Screw you."

A Shopping Cart Story Inspired a Rush Baby to be an Entrepreneur

RUSH: Joshua in Birmingham, Alabama, great to have you. Open Line Friday. Hello.CALLER: Mega dittos from a cracker in Alabama.RUSH: Wow. Thank you.CALLER: (chuckles) A couple of weeks ago there was talk going around that the American dream was dead, that it had died. I just wanted to call you and let you know it's very much still alive in people like me, and that I was strongly influenced and inspired by a story you told, it must have been ten years ago. I think it was when you were driving...

The Ruling Class GOP vs. Palin

RUSH: This is Paul in Ipswich, Massachusetts, a great place to get a call from on Halloween weekend.CALLER: (chuckles) Rush, it's an honor. Thanks for taking my call.RUSH: You bet, sir.CALLER: The reason why I'm calling is I'm against Operation Reverse Chaos because I think in 2012, in our lifetime, this is our one and only chance to have a conservative third party that can win. I've always been Benson third parties because I think that's just breaks up our voting base and we lose, but I think...

Speaker of the House El Rushbo?

RUSH: Brian from Asheville, great to have you on the program, sir. Welcome.CALLER: Hi. Thank you, Rush. Longtime listener, and I got a strange call last night. It was one of those robopolls where they asked me if I was aware that the Speaker of the House could be chosen from somebody who was not a member of the House of Representatives. That kind of threw up a flag for me, but I couldn't say anything because it was a recording. But I got to pick one through five -- you know, hit one through...

Leave the Video Games Alone!

RUSH: Cory in Waterville, Ohio, welcome, Open Line Friday. Great to have you here with us.CALLER: Hi. Thanks for taking my call. I just wanted to see if I could get your opinion. There's a Supreme Court case that's gonna be pulled up on Tuesday. It's called Schwarzenegger vs. The Entertainment Merchants Association, and essentially what it's saying is the government will now have the ability to regulate video games, and they are not protected under the First Amendment because they're deemed...

Obama Regime Moves to India

RUSH: Melissa in Houston, it's great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hi.CALLER: Yes. I've read that something like 800 people are going on this Indian trip with the president. And I was just wondering: Who are these people? Why are they all leaving the country, and what is gonna be the cost of all this, too.RUSH: Well, we know this. We know that 40 airplanes are being utilized, including both Air Force Ones. Both Marine Ones are being disassembled and flown over there on cargo planes, as...

Seasoned Citizens Vote Values

RUSH: To the phones we go to Waynesboro, Virginia. Up first is Tom. It's nice to have you, sir. Welcome. CALLER: Great to be here, Rush. How are you?RUSH: Very well, thank you.CALLER: Hey, Rush, you remember the 2004 election when the exit polling showed just a huge amount of voters citing "values" as their primary concern? Everybody in the media was just shocked by this. Nobody got it. Where did these people come from, right? Well, I've had like seven conversations recently with seasoned...

The Rush Limbaugh Problem

Let's go to the audio sound bites here as Open Line Friday continues. Last night on the Discovery Channel's Cash Cab game show. Have you heard of this show, Cash Cab? (interruption) You have, H.R.? You watch this show? What...? Briefly explain what Cash Cab. I'm thinking cab, taxicab. What's Cash Cab? (interruption) Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. You actually do get it in a cab, the cab ride's free and they ask you questions while you're in the cab? Pop culture questions, and if you answer correctly they...

Haughty John Kerry Says Rush Leads Nation of Know-Nothings

RUSH: All right, here's Senator Kerry "unleashed a broadside Thursday against Republican 'obstructionism,' saying the GOP and its talk-show allies have created a 'period of know-nothingism' in the country. With his party braced for defeats in the midterm elections, the [haughty] 2004 Democratic presidential nominee told the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce..." What's he doing speaking to the Chamber of Commerce? Doesn't he know that they're the enemy? The Chamber of Commerce is the enemy of...

Daily Show Laughter at Obama

RUSH: I must confess, some of you will think that I have been derelict in my responsibilities, but last night was the first night I actually watched a significant portion of the Bamster on with Jon Leibowitz -- uh, Stewart. (interruption) Well, because people, Snerdley, would expect that I would be watching it from the get-go. I must tell you, I watched enough of it last night to realize that audience was laughing at the president of the United States. The host of that show was laughing at. If...

Rush's Morning Update: The Desert November 1, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: The DesertNovember 1, 2010Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer One unfinished item sitting before Congress is a new entitlement program supported by First Lady Moochelle Obama:the "Healthy Food Financing Initiative." It uses taxpayermoney to create government supermarkets in places Mrs. Obama calls "food deserts".Here's the rationale. Seven million American kids risk obesitybecause their parents find it...

Friday Quotes: It's Open Line Friday!

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"If you don't fit in the Democrat liberal plantation, they'll kick you out of it, and they won't even give you a mule." "The Newsweek magazine cover that I told you I posed for Tuesday afternoon -- that cover is out. It's a great picture. Actually, if you are a fan, the picture says, 'Come on in.' If you don't like me, the picture says, 'Screw you.'""What's a 'sexless one-night stand'? What? No, no, no. The broadcast engineer said,...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1: Whitman Within Margin of Error Against MoonbeamRUSH: In California, Meg Whitman is now within four points -- that's the margin of error -- with Moonbeam. She's trending upward, so this moves the race back to toss-up from lean Democrat. Story #2:Polls Trending Against Democrats in Multiple RacesRUSH: Kasich is pulling away from Strickland in Ohio. And Kucinich! Kucinich and Barney Frank are in genuine trouble, and all the Democrat behavior portrays this. Russ Feingold in Wisconsin looks...


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