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Obama Took Advice on Syria from New York Times... Daily Kos: Limbaugh Comes Out Against Drinking Water...  NFL Weekend Coming with Concussions, Ambulances...

Was It Worth It, Ladies?

RUSH: This is the Democrat Party that's going out of its way to make women believe that it is their greatest champion -- and, yet, since Obama took office, through 2012, 60% of the increase in employment for women was in jobs that pay less than $10 an hour.  All this time, we've been told that it's the Republicans that have this War on Women.  We're told it's the Republicans who are the sexist pigs. 

Tom DeLay Exonerated After Smear

RUSH: The Democrats hated him.  And so they attempted to criminalize the kinds of things that DeLay did to help Republicans get elected, to help himself get elected.  And so they found a partisan prosecutor in Texas by the name of Ronnie Earle who kept shopping and shopping and shopping for a grand jury that would indict DeLay. 

Ted Cruz Did Exactly What He Promised to Do -- and the House Leadership Listened

RUSH: Ted Cruz didn't think he was gonna get anywhere with Republican leadership in the Senate.  He didn't really have anything to say with the leadership in the House; he's not a member. So he and others in his movement, Mike Lee, prominent name, their effort has always been to create an uprising by the American people, which would then influence positions taken by Republican senators.  He's never said the Senate had the votes. 

Rush Baby Praises Site as Research Tool

CALLER: I'm a nursing student, and we were supposed to do an ethics paper and discussion on the Obamacare law. All the resources we had were from like the Kaiser Institute and everything. And I kept looking and scouring for websites that actually referenced the law, you know, by actual passage, and your website was one of the few ones.


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