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Obama: I'm Sorry You Believed Me

RUSH: The media is dutifully reporting that Obama apologized for this.  But we parse the words of politicians here.  'Cause we think it's important.  Others accuse us of nitpicking.  This isn't nitpicking.  It's simply getting it right.  It's just simple truth seeking, truth telling, and accuracy... Essentially what he says here is that he is sorry you believed him.  

The Regime's Shocking Iran Deal

RUSH: The news out of Geneva regarding the United States, Israel, and Iran...  Folks, I don't know how else to categorize this or explain it to you.  This man, Barack Obama, is fundamentally transforming this nation in ways that are gonna be next to impossible to reverse in many ways, the longer he goes.

Obamacare: You Have No Choice

RUSH: I am making an appeal. I am going to say something I want you to repeat.  Media Matters, Think Progress, Americans for Democratic Action, Students for a Democrat Society, the Black Panthers, the New Black Panthers, all of you.  Who am I leaving out?  Daily Kos, Democrat Underground, I don't want to leave anybody out.  I want to say something, and I'm begging you to quote me. 

Congratulations to Paul W. Smith

RUSH: I want to take a brief moment here for some personal congratulations to a great guy, a great man, a sometimes guest host on this program. The inimitable Paul W. Smith of WJR in Detroit, is at this moment on his way to Chicago to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Driving an Electric Car Shows You Care

RUSH: I was out in California a couple, three weeks ago, and I hadn't seen some of my buddies for a year and a half.  And it's amazing.  If you lose touch with people, a year and a half, I mean, they can change, and you don't know about it.  I mean, sometimes you gotta stay in close contact with people to keep 'em on the rails. 


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