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Morning Update: Reform

For the first time since he was confirmed 30 years ago, the very liberal former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens showed up at a congressional hearing. Stevens is out promoting a book suggesting amendments to change the Constitution -- which “happens” to fit the agenda Democrats wanted him to testify about: campaign finance reform.

Obamanomics: 92 Million Americans Not Working

RUSH: The US labor force shrunk by more than 800,000 people in April.  For those of you in Rio Linda, that means 800,000 people stopped looking for work or quit working.  The labor force participation rate declined or decreased to 62%.  That is the lowest it has been since 1978.  What that means is only 62% of Americans of working age have job. The number of Americans not working, but eating and watching television, probably driving and making cell phone calls, 92,594,000.

Bret Baier Grills Snarky Little Regime Pajama Boy on Benghazi

RUSH:  Do you hear the snarky attitude from this little guy?  I know these people think Fox is the enemy. I understand all that.  I understand human nature.  But this is the White House.  This is beneath it. This is not adult behavior.  This snarky kid, an uber-ultra leftist who buys into the notion that Fox is the focus of modern evil, and that everything they do is a lie, and that everything they do is made up. This little guy believes every word of that.

Democrat Hopes Depend on Turning Out Single Women and Minorities by Calling Republicans Racist, Sexist, Bigot Homophobes

RUSH: The only chance they've got is to try to create the impression that the whole Republican Party is Donald Sterling, which they do every election.  They try it every election.  The same thing with single women, the War on Women meme and all of that.  But I'm just going to tell you: The Democrat Party never wins when they have to resort to campaigning on the issues. The Democrat Party never wins in the arena of ideas, folks. 


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