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Lib Billionaire Tom Steyer: 95.5% of Americans are Unsophisticated...  Solar Panels are Roasting Birds... Terrorists Attack Liberia Ebola Clinic, Free Patients... 

Democrats Use Ferguson to Relive the Sixties and Register Voters for 2014

RUSH: Sometimes I feel like I've fallen into a time warp here.  A Democrat governor's just sent in the National Guard to shut down a bunch of black protesters.  The Democrats are doing sit-ins in the offices of somebody named Nixon.  I mean, if you stop and think about it, if you're old enough, this is really uncanny... It's clear, ladies and gentlemen: Ferguson, Missouri, is attracting a lot of people who -- like Obama and Holder -- wish they had been alive during the civil rights movement in the sixties.

Redskins Show Solidarity with Gentle Giant

RUSH: The Washington Redskins taking the field last night in a preseason game against the Cleveland Browns with their arms up as though they're being held up.  They're running out of the tunnel onto the field with their arms raised in solidarity with the gentle giant. Their arms are up, "Stop! Don't shoot!"  

National Journal Accuses Me of Character Assassination for Reporting What's in the Washington Post

RUSH: Yesterday on this program, I was handed in the middle of the program an updated news story out of Ferguson, Missouri, from the Washington Post. The Washington Post story said that one of the autopsies had discovered marijuana in the gentle giant's system.  Today the National Journal has accused me of character assassination for mentioning that.  The National Journal also has accused Matt Drudge of character assassination for posting a link to the Washington Post story.

A Bostonian Who Fears The Dictator

CALLER:  Rush, thank you so much.  I'm in tears.  I have finally found my lucky day to reach you.  I stayed right in my house and said, "I will dial until I can't, whether it be an hour later," and much to my surprise, I got you in a few minutes.  I love you. I adore you. I love your mind so much, Rush. I cannot tell you how profound your thinking is that is way above the average person, including me.


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