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RUSH: You know that there was unhappiness and anger and disagreement in the feminazi march? And you know what the anger was? The transgenders are hysterical. They’re mad. The transgenders are upset because the Women’s March was not inclusive to biological men who identify as women, and it “presented an oppressive message that having a vagina is essential to womanhood,” and we can’t have that in the women’s movement. If we’re gonna say that a vagina is essential to womanhood, then we’re being discriminatory (chuckling), and then the transgenders got all mad because they thought they weren’t included. They started railing on the cis gender, the c-i-s genders.

You know what a cis gender is?


RUSH: The headline of the story: “Transgender Activists Upset Over ‘White Cis Women March.'” C-i-s. So do you know what a c-i-s…? (interruption) Oh, you do now? (interruption) You looked it up? (interruption) Ah. (interruption) Okay. Well, a lot of people, I’m sure, read that sentence and said, “What’s this?” And this particular story, Washington Free Beacon: “Transgender activists are upset that the women’s march over the weekend was not inclusive to biological men who identify as women, as the protest presented an ‘oppressive message’ that having a ‘vagina is essential to womanhood.'”

See in the Democrat… This is mainstream Democrat Party stuff. I mean, the Democrat Party, the media portrayed what happened on this protest as normal as the sun rising and setting every day. This is one of the things remarkable about it. This collection of abject, insane lunatics was portrayed as normal. It was more normal than the Trump inauguration, which is the result of a fraud and a stolen election. But the Women’s March? Now that’s normalcy. And that’s what they tried to convey.

And now we find out that transgender activists were not happy at all during the feminazi march because men, biological men (for those of you in Rio Linda, that means men with a package) who think they’re women, who want to be women but they’ve got the package, they were not allowed. And so the “oppressive message” of the feminazi March was “discriminatory.” That is “that having a vagina is essential to womanhood.” (chuckling) That is a controversial statement. That is… We’re talking about a couple or three fringe people here.

We’re talking about what has become the base of the Democrat Party. I mean, you heard the media celebrating the numbers. “Lord there were millions and millions and millions out there, and they were all over the country. Not just all over the country! They were all over the world.” And a bunch of people were upset because apparently thinking that “a vagina is essential to womanhood” is discriminatory. And so the trannies, the transgender activists were upset because to them this was a “white cisgender march.”

Let me save you the trouble: “Cisgender” simply means you’re a woman. You’re born a woman, so you’re a woman. That makes you a “cisgender woman” as opposed to the a transgender woman who used to be a male or still is a male but you want to be or think of yourself as a woman. That makes you a tranny. But if you were born a woman and you like it and you’re happy, you’re not just a woman. No, no, no, no! In the tranny community, you are noted as cisgender, “c-i-s” gender.

And the cisgender crowd apparently ran this march over the objections of the transgenders, who are one-tenth of 1%. I got my question yesterday: How in the world…? Why in the world…? How does transgenderism even have anything to do with liberalism? There’s an answer to that. It’s not a rhetorical question. The answer to that is meant to be explanatory and illustrative. I mean, what does transgenderism have to do with any ideology? But the fact that it does — the fact that transgenderism is exclusively tied to liberalism — ought to tell you something about it.


RUSH: We’re gonna start in New York City. This is Brielle. Brielle, I’m glad you waited, and welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Thanks so much, Rush. I am the… Well, I acknowledge I am a big fan of your show, and we think a lot alike, and while I acknowledge that you are correct 99.97% of the time, I am the .03% where you’re not.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: (chuckling) And what I mean by that is that transgenderism — I’m a transgender woman, and transgenderism is definitely NOT a liberal phenomenon.

RUSH: Well, I… It may not be, but as far as the media and the Democrat Party and liberalism is concerned, it is. I mean, they have… If transgenderism is not political, they have commandeered it, and they have made it every bit as big a liberal facet as is homosexuality. Gay rights, transgender rights. You may not be a liberal, but I’m telling you, they want as many people as possible to think that transgenderism is tied to liberalism almost exclusively.

CALLER: Oh, I agree with you that that’s their game. But, the right plays the same kind of a game in reverse. And you do it, too, Rush. I have to say, you do.

RUSH: I do not play games.

CALLER: You lampoon transgender folks.

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no.

CALLER: No, no. Let me finish.

RUSH: I don’t play games.

CALLER: Well, this is what I mean. Earlier on, you were speaking in a somewhat disparaging voice about trans folks, and my take honestly is that the left, as you say, tries to prove how inclusive they are, how compassionate they are by championing our cause, as long as it serves them. But the right will then make fun of, lampoon, call crazy, call nut jobs — which I’ve heard you do — and use us in a different way, use us to strike back against the liberals.

RUSH: Well, I —

CALLER: I’m here to say that we don’t belong to the right or the left. We are just who we are!

RUSH: Yes, well, in your mind you may… This is the point. It doesn’t matter what you think, Brielle. I’m telling you the left is attempting to co-opt transgenderism as an exclusive belief, political belief that is inexorably tied to liberalism. It’s just like they did homosexuality. I know there’s all kinds of gay people that are right wing and conservative. But they never get talked about.

CALLER: Right. I agree with you.

RUSH: They never get mentioned.

CALLER: I’m trying to make the point that’s never made which is the right will disparage us in order to strike back at the liberals, and honestly, I’ve heard you do that, too, and —

RUSH: How?

CALLER: When you were describing the march that took place the other day, you were talking about the nut job transgender activists. And, you know, there! Right there! You’re not supposed to do that, Rush. All you have to do is make the point that the left is trying to co-opt transgender, folks, because you’re right.

RUSH: I didn’t call transgenders nut jobs. I called the whole march nut jobs! It didn’t matter.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: The whole thing is a bunch of Looney Tunes.

CALLER: Um, I’m not disagreeing with you. (laughing)

RUSH: Well, then see? We’re on the same page. See, the transgendered Brielle and I have patched up our differences here, and I’m very happy to have participated in this outreach, Brielle. I appreciate your call. I really do. I get what you’re saying. Thanks much.


RUSH: Greg in Elo, Missouri. I’m glad you called, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: That’s Elo, Michigan, Rush.

RUSH: I’m sorry.

CALLER: That’s okay.

RUSH: I misread it.

CALLER: Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve seen the cover of National Geographic this month.

RUSH: It’s one of my favorite magazines. I’ve been reading it since I was a kid for the nude photos.

CALLER: (laughing) Yeah. Well, I get it, but now the cover was a little transgendered boy this month, and I was just perplexed as to why —

RUSH: Wait, wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. “A transgender boy”?

CALLER: Yeah, on the cover of National Geographic in January.

RUSH: Uhhhhh…

CALLER: I didn’t read it, but it looks like he’s about maybe nine or 10 —

RUSH: Nine or 10.

CALLER: — and with pink hair and it says —

RUSH: Look, I rest my case. If you’re asking me what they’re doing, they’re politicizing transgenderism, and they are converting it to one of the aggrieved groups that will now be championed by liberalism. You know, liberalism is the politics of grievance. The liberals try to make victims out of every supporter they’ve got. They take… The supporter could be anybody, anything, any belief, and they will assign a group based on that supporter’s skin color, gender, gender orientation, ethnicity, whatever works best, and they’re put ’em in a group of victims.

And as far as liberalism is concerned, everybody is a victim — a victim of white America, the America from our founding, a victim of Republican conservatism, a victim of capitalism, you name it. And so this is an attempt to further the idea that transgender people are victimized by the white majority, the tyranny of the white majority and victim used by the tyranny of the Christian majority. Make no mistake about it.

And doing… (sigh) Nine- or 10-year-old transgender? Stop and think of that for a minute. With everything you know about transgenderism and gender confusion or whatever, I mean, nine or 10 years old? Fine. It is all about attempting to co-opt the entire population of transgenders and not convince them, but convince the rest of America that transgenders are discriminated against and are thus victims, and the liberals are their protectors and guarantors, and that’s all that cover is about.


RUSH: Now, there’s one other thing I need to throw in here about transgenderism that you may not know. Nobody knows what the transgender population in the country is. It’s obviously infinitesimal. It’s very small. But you can expect to see stories about how it’s growing as the left attempts to politicize it.

But here’s what you don’t know. Within the transgender community, there is a sizable percentage of it that supports Donald Trump. They’re not dominated, governed by, or otherwise controlled by their transgenderism. Liberal transgenders, liberal gay people, liberal whatever, their identity is all that matters. It’s first, second, and third, and then everything else comes. Well, liberalism comes first, and then their identity.

But in the case of these transgenders for Trump, what happens to them if they come out as Trump supporters, they are besieged by Democrats and liberals and leftists and other transgenders, and they’re savaged. I mean, to put it simply, they’re mistreated. And they are excommunicated from the community of other transgenders.

Now, just so you understand how important that is, gender transferal and gender identification is a very small segment of the population. And everybody wants to gather with people like them. I mean, that’s how people form friendships and relationships with like-minded people. And what the left-wing Democrat-dominated transgender movement does, if any transgender person on Twitter, Facebook, wherever, publicly supports Donald Trump, they are set upon and bullied and intimidated and, for lack of a better word, excommunicated from the transgender community.

And they’re fed up with it, and they’re tired of it, and they’re trying to let people know that they exist. ‘Cause they, in their minds, they just want to make America great again like everybody supporting Trump does. But the left, folks, it doesn’t matter, if you’re not with them, they will attempt to bully you, intimidate you, destroy you, or what have you. It’s a lot of coercion, a lot of intimidation.

It’s the same thing with conservative gays, with conservative African-Americans. You’ve seen it, Uncle Toms, the insults that are hurled, the excommunication. And they say, “You’re not even black. You’re not a black person, you can’t be, you can’t be black,” you’ve seen all this. It’s the same thing with transgenders. It’s the same thing with gays who are not doctrinaire communists and socialists and liberal Democrats.


RUSH: Here is Mike in Ocala, Florida. Welcome, sir, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s great to talk to you. This is like winning the lottery to me. I’ve tried to call you for years, and I finally got through.

RUSH: Well, welcome. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: I had a couple points I wanted to make, kind of like leading off of your discussion of the transgender issue. And it is true, I feel like as a gay Christian man — and I’m also a conservative — that the Democrats have co-opted all of the different demographic groups in this country. And I know for me personally, like, I had to deactivate my Facebook after the election because I could not stand to read and hear all the comments from my friends and colleagues and associates who are upset that Trump won in the election.

I’m a supporter of Trump, and in spite of the fact that Governor Pence or Vice President Pence now, you know, he has one view about Christianity and homosexuality, and that doesn’t line up with what my view is of it, but, you know, I still support Trump as a candidate because, in the long run, you know, gay marriage is here now, it’s not really gonna go away. The only way it’s gonna go away is if the Supreme Court reverses its earlier decision or if there’s a constitutional amendment, you know, or if someone somehow is able to get standing to challenge the laws as they’re written. But, you know —

RUSH: That’s not gonna happen. That’s not gonna happen under Trump. He’s got other things to focus on. I don’t see anybody taking on gay marriage at this stage. I’d be surprised. I think the story here — look what happens to you, you’re gay, Republican, you voted for Trump, you’re ostracized. You have to deactivate your Facebook account because of what happens.

My point from the beginning of this program is this, and I don’t want to offend you, Mike, but homosexuality, just in numeric terms, is a minority of the general population of America. Transgenderism is a minority. African-Americans are a minority. Hispanics are a minority. For the longest time the Democrat Party and their sociologists in the media have been telling us that the white majority of this country is being eroded and it isn’t gonna be the majority much longer and all these minorities are taking over.

So the Democrat Party decided in November of 2011 to abandon white working-class voters. It was a strategic move based on based on their belief in demographics. And they have thrown in with every disparate minority they can find, and they’ve converted every damn one of them to victim status. They’re all victims of this evil majority that’s either Republican or white or Christian or what have you.

By doing this, the Democrat Party is losing election after election after election after election. They’re now losing the support of one of their biggest groups, organized labor, which is now singing the praises of Donald Trump. The Democrats are now sidling up with all these other disparate minorities. But they’re really not, because you’re gay, but they don’t want you, because you are not liberal, you’re not progressive, you’re not communist, socialist, or whatever, so they don’t want you. They don’t want transgenders that are also not liberal.

So they are focusing on every single minority they can find trying to victimize it, convince everybody in that group that they are victims. And they’re trying to convert people like you to abandon the Republicans or Trump or conservatism and throw in with them on the basis that as a gay man, you’re a victim. That’s what they want you to do. They’re trying to intimidate you. They’re trying to frighten you. They’re trying to bully you. That’s what they have decided to do. And it’s a losing Proposition right now because everybody misread — they misread the demographic makeup of the country.

They also misread something even more important than that. They figured because they hate this white majority, be it the Christian majority or the Republican majority, the white majority, they figure they succeeded in convincing a lot of other people to hate it, too. And they don’t. So they have really put themselves at a distance away from the American mainstream while they have been trying to claim they are the mainstream. But they aren’t. And it really bugs ’em. I’m glad you called.


RUSH: So what is actually happening here, there are gay people and transgender people who are being bullied for their political beliefs by the left, not us. The Democrats, the bullying left is bullying transgenders and gays for their political beliefs. And I think that is far more common than being bullied for just being gay or being transgender.

I think the biggest bullies in this country are not conservatives, the biggest discriminators in this country are on the left, the biggest bigots in this country are on the left, and they are political bigots. Whether you’re transgender, whether you’re gay, you better sing their song; if you don’t, you are the target, pure and simple. And the Democrats are trying to tell everybody they can convince that they are a victim of America, period, as it’s currently structured. And they honestly think they have some sort of a political future doing this.

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