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Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Empty Promises

RUSH: President Trump’s efforts to build the wall continue. The Department of Homeland Security is getting bids from lots of companies that want to help build it.

HBO’s Big Little Lies Puts Miserable Liberal Lives on Display

RUSH: The reason I like watching this show, it's written by David Kelley, who wrote Boston Legal and some other things. The reason that I like this show is because everybody's life on this show is an absolute mess. It is liberals writing about their lives… So when I hear that a model is running around with a video on YouTube or wherever, grabbing as many penises as she can just to get noticed? Hell, yeah! In this day and age, it makes perfect sense, folks.

Will Cord Cutting Kill CNN and MSNBC?

RUSH: You can hate the cable companies all you want, but there's another player here in how much it all costs, and that's the providers — the content providers.

Trucker Begs Your Host to Do a TV Show to Save the Country

RUSH: I want to tell you how flattered I am, before I say anything, Rick calling from the truck in Cornelius, North Carolina, I was flattered beyond my ability to express it. Because, look, we have the House of Representatives. We have the Senate. We have Donald F-ing Trump in the White House, and still — well, his middle initial is — oh, it's J. That's right. Donald J. Just a little John Kerry lingo. We have Donald Trump in the White House, and still it's up to me.

Lawless California Defies Trump on Immigration

RUSH: You want to talk about violating the rule of law? You want to talk about threatening the legal system of the United States? That's all on the modern-day Democrat Party.

Hillary Comes Out in San Francisco

RUSH: Hillary Clinton has even come out of the cave. She went out to San Francisco. She's made a public appearance. You see she was wearing a leather jacket out there, a black leather jacket?

They’re Already Making Plans in Vegas!

RUSH: Yesterday we talked about the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas, and I shared with you some obvious things that are gonna happen with young, single athletes in the prime of physical condition

What It’s Like to Be Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: I don't complain to anybody, about me. I mean, I might opine about things, circumstances, situations that bother me and so forth, but I don't do it from a whining standpoint, "Will you fix it?" I can't stand it.

Rush 24/7 Stack of Stuff

RUSH: No longer is this just gonna be a long list of stories that I might mention on the program. Now, you will get specifically the stories that I talk about on the program and a select list of a few others that I intended to get to but ran out of time. It's going to be more of a real-time base feature rather than just a generic list of places that I go to prep the show.

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