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RUSH:  President Trump’s efforts to build the wall continue. The Department of Homeland Security is getting bids from lots of companies that want to help build it. The Trump administration is asking Congress for a billion dollars to spend on it this year.

Now, Senate Democrats want no part of this. They met with La Raza and promised that they’ll make sure it doesn’t happen. Chuck Schumer told La Raza the Democrats will do whatever it takes to stop the wall.  Robert Menendez, New Jersey, said that Congress shouldn’t pay dime because, after all, Trump claimed he’d make Mexico pay for it.

Now, La Raza asked Democrats to do whatever they had to, including shutting down the government when a stopgap spending measure comes up in April. Schumer didn’t commit the Democrats to it, but he said he hoped Republicans would not put the wall funding request in the spending measure.

Well it looks like Schumer’s hope is the Republicans’ command. Senator Roy Blunt, a top Republican on the Senate Committee on Appropriations, just said that they probably won’t include Trump’s request to fund the wall until next year.

So the news isn’t that Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are pressured by La Raza.  The news is that the Republicans are afraid of a Democrat government shutdown because they think they’ll get blamed for it even though the Democrats are responsible for it. And they’re probably right.


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