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RUSH: You know, people ask me all the time, “Rush, what’s it like to be you?” Well, I’m gonna tell you today, in one sense, what it’s like to be me. And I don’t want you to think I’m complaining, because I’m not complaining, because I have nothing to complain about. Well, look, I mean like everybody else, if I wanted to focus on things to complain about, I can find ’em. I just don’t complain. That’s what makes this amazing.

I don’t complain to anybody, about me. I mean, I might opine about things, circumstances, situations that bother me and so forth, but I don’t do it from a whining standpoint, “Will you fix it?” I can’t stand it. I can’t stand complaining ’cause I don’t know how to deal with it myself. I really don’t. I become tongue-tied. I don’t know what to say other than, “That’s horrible. Oh, I feel so bad. Sorry. Oh, man.” I’m reluctant to ask if there’s anything I can do because I’m afraid of the answer. (interruption) What? It’s terrible to say that? No, it’s not. (laughing)

Once again this morning, an incident on Capitol Hill. I really think the Drive-By Media is making people insane. I really do. I think the media is driving people crazy. The Democrat Party’s helping. And I have another question here. Who’s really an arm of who? Is the media an arm of the Democrat Party, or is the Democrat Party an arm of the media?

I’ve been pondering this, ladies and gentlemen. I actually think you could make the case that the Democrats are incidental to the media. And I’m gonna explain why ’cause I got a complaining note from a friend of mine, which is what inspired all of this.

Anyway, back to this incident in Washington. A lunatic, a woman driver was ordered by the police to make a U-turn. Normally you don’t have to tell people to do U-turns; they do ’em on their own. But this woman was ordered to do a U-turn. Instead, she became erratic and nearly struck the police officer who was telling her to make the U-turn and hightail it out of there. She also struck or nearly struck a car. We’re not sure yet.

This led to her being pursued by the Capitol Hill police, not the FBI, not by the CIA, not by the NSA, not by the DIA, and that’s important because when the FBI is after you, it’s not terrorism. Well, the way this moves on here, the police pursued her and shot at her until she stopped. She was taken into custody. Of course, we have been assured that this is nothing more than a criminal act. It isn’t terrorism. And it may not be; I don’t know. I am not gonna split hairs over that.

But we’ve got these White House fence jumpers. Do you know the hysteria — and I knew this is gonna happen — the hysteria of the left is in because Trump has canceled a couple of Obama executive orders on the environment? They are beside themselves. Podesta has an op-ed today, what, in the Washington Post. Michael Moore claims this is gonna lead to the extinction of the human race.

The Drive-By Media, individuals, Algore, they’re all hysterical. They are absent of reality. They’re out of their minds. And if you look at these little snowflakes on campus, you know, who makes them the way they are? You’re not born thinking and believing and feeling the oddball things that so many people believe today. It’s arguably the education system, but it gets back to the question of what’s an arm of what? Is the media the arm of the Democrat Party or is the Democrat Party the arm of the media?

So now we move on to — I get emails from people. They don’t specifically say, “What’s it like to be you?” They reference it, “Boy, it must be great to be you,” after hearing me describe the things I’ve done or whatever. Sometimes somebody asks in a humorous way. And I just want to tell you here, folks, that I wouldn’t trade me for anybody. There isn’t anybody else I want to be. There isn’t anybody I wish I was. There’s not a part of somebody I wish I could add to me. I love me. So I’m satisfied with me and who I am.

But a part of being me is a sponge. For some reason you would not believe the number of people that whine and complain and get negative on me. For example, I got an email from a friend last night who told me in all capital letters to stop it, to stop it. “I know you have to repeat things in order for it to make an impression, but we, the educated members of your audience, are tired of hearing it!” And what he was tired of hearing about was me describing how the Democrats can’t win elections, that they lost the presidency, that they’ve lost 1,200 seats.

“We know that! We know that! Do you know what your audience is yelling at you every time you say it? They’re saying, ‘Shut up. It doesn’t mean anything because we’re not winning!’ We’re losing everywhere you look. They’re about to run our president out of town. The Republicans can’t do anything right. What are we getting for winning all these elections? We’re losing. And you’re out there making it look like winning these elections matters. You’ve got to stop it!”

I’m looking at that, a lesser person would think, “Is my career over? Have I finally lost the ability to relate to my audience? Is my audience now shouting at me to shut up and I don’t know it now?” I’ve always known when that happens, that you need empathy to do what I do, do it well, you need empathy, empathy with the audience. You have to know when the audience is on the verge of leaving. You have to know when the audience is loving it. You have to know when the audience is digging it. You have to know when the audience is paying scant attention and you gotta rope ’em in. I’ve always had that.

Now I’m being told you are tired of hearing about all the signs and evidence of Democrat loss and Republican win because there isn’t any winning. We’re not winning. Now, this guy’s perception that we’re not winning is due totally, and he even admits so, to the media. No matter how much we win, it’s not portrayed, it’s not reflected. In fact it’s just the opposite. If you watch the media each and every day, you would think that the Democrats won the election.

Are you tired of hearing me go through this riff? The Democrats lost the election, Republicans stole it working with the Russians. But his point is larger than that. His point is that for all the successes Trump is having, nobody knows about them. All these things he’s doing to create jobs, to revitalize American business, to grow the economy, those things are happening, by the way. Trump is even having, from Foreign Policy, the Washington Post Magazine, Trump is having overwhelming success against ISIS.

The Washington Post is reporting this. They’ve got a magazine called Foreign Policy in which they are competing with Foreign Affairs, which the official publication of a member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, which was started by — Rockefeller, who recently died, started the Trilateral Commission. The conspiracy is deep and it’s wide and has many tentacles and oftentimes they are confused.

I got another note from a guy in Washington last night. “My gosh, Rush, this town is sick. This town is perverse. There is something seriously wrong here. Things don’t feel right.” And then he said it. ‘Cause I said, “What’s the matter? Why are you even there?”

“Well, I’ve got a couple of dinners with –” and he told me the names of people he’s having dinner with. He had to go to Washington to have dinner with these people. “Rush, it all feels temporary. Trump doesn’t seem like he’s president to me, it all feels temporary. It doesn’t feel like he’s really won the election. I’m scared. I’m scared that it didn’t really happen even though he won the presidency. I mean, Air Force One doesn’t look as big to me. I’m not as impressed when I see Air Force One. None of this stuff I’ve always associated with the presidency do I see here in this. I’m really worried, Rush, I’m really worried.”

Another email: “Rush, I just don’t see Trump’s heart in this. I’m watching, I don’t think Trump cares. You trying to tell me that Trump knew what was in the health care bill? He didn’t even know what’s in it Rush, oh, my gosh, we’re in so bad shape. He’s heart’s not in it. I think he was satisfied to win, now he’s going through the motions trying to survive.”

I’m saying, what is it that’s causing all this? What is it that is generating all this? And look, I mean, I know one of the answers, and it’s obviously the media. But, my friends, I have to tell you, I can’t tell you the number of conversations I’ve had, official and otherwise, with people over three decades about what to do about the media.

In terms of turning them, defeating them, relegating them to irrelevance, it’s why I ask, are they an arm of the Democrat Party or is the Democrat Party an arm of the media? I’m under no illusions of the power of the media. You know me, I don’t even think the media is what they are. The media implies people that are in the media doing the news. And that’s not what we get from these people at all. I mean, they’re clearly all totally focused on removing Trump from office. They want to destroy Donald Trump. That is the mission.

Now, I have an attitude about this that says it is just part of the playing field that we’ve chosen to be on here, and it isn’t gonna change, and so it has to be dealt with. I have never harbored an illusion that the media’s going to change. I’ve never harbored an illusion that the media is going to be tolerant of or even supportive of most of what you and I believe in. But I also do not get fatalistically pessimistic about it. But I think a lot of people are.

And I think the foundation or root of all of these emails I’m getting is that people feel powerless to battle this and they think I may have some kind of ability to battle this. So my point here is, I could spend today — I might — reviewing some of Trump’s achievements. And they’re pretty big. They’re not being reported on. The Trump administration does, you know, a half-baked job of selling them. I think there are things Trump could do to counter what he’s doing on Twitter, I mean, expand on what he’s doing on Twitter with the media.

For example, you remember George W. Bush, when he wanted to go into Iraq and get rid of Saddam Hussein — by the way, they pronounced his name that way on purpose. You people new to the program may not know that in Iraq, in that language, when you pronounce the name “Saddam” you are calling them essentially a dirty shoe or a shoe shiner or some menial thing. “Saddam” is an insult. That’s why Bush 41 always called him “Saddam Hussein.” It’s not because Bush 41 didn’t know how to pronounce it. The correct pronouncing was “Saddam Hussein,” but he pronounced it “Saddam.”

At any rate, Bush wanted to get rid of Saddam. What did he do? Bush spent a year, almost a year and a half traveling all over the country making speeches trying to drive public support for it. The reason I mention this is because of another of the emails, “Why didn’t Trump do rally after rally after rally to sell health care reform, why did he rely on Ryan?” And then you get into all the other allegations you get about Ryan.

So, folks, what can I do? I’m looking for assistance here on how to deal. I mean, it’s consistent. It’s constant. Whether we win elections, whether we lose elections, I am under siege with people pummeling me with worries and fears and negativism. And I work very hard not to allow it to also rope me in and have a day-to-day attitude like that. I’ve said this before, and I’ve even got, “You need to join us in the pessimism. It’s the only way you can relate to us. It’s the only way you’ll be able to deal with it the way we see it. You can’t sit there and act like you’re above it.” I’m not trying to say I’m above it. I just don’t want to be a pessimist all the time.

We only have one life, and I’m not gonna allow these people to ruin mine. It’s a delicate balance. I mean, I got responsibilities here behind the Golden EIB Microphone. By the way, all these complaints, I don’t pooh-pooh them, as you can tell. I’ve not laughed at ’em or made fun of them or ridiculed them. I have brought them in, I have processed them, I have worked them through the corridors and the nooks and the crannies in the deep, dark crevices of my fertile mind working through all of this. I listen to what people say. And about the only thing — well, no, let me not go there right now. If you have an idea on how to defeat the media, I would love to hear it.

I don’t want to turn every call into this. I’m speaking rhetorically here. I’m not throwing out a topic. We don’t do that here on the EIB Network. All right, so what do we have today? We have the continued effort to unseat Trump via the Russia and spying, and we’ve got what I think is some really earth-shattering news on this front. We have the left — you think you’re pessimistic? You know, the mistake I think a lot of people make, you think the left is happy while they’re doing all this. You think you’re miserable and down in the dumps and feeling defeated, and you’re upset that you don’t feel the glow of victory even though we won.

I start getting emails from people, “Stop talking about all the seats the Democrats have lost. It’s not relevant. We aren’t winning.” If you’re miserable and unhappy, do not make the mistake of thinking that the Chuck Schumers and the Michael Moores and whoever you want to name, they are not happy, and they’re never happy. They are incapable of it. They exist in this kind of swirling descent into new insanity. That’s their natural state of mind, constant rage, never-ending upset.

So don’t think that they’re happy while you’re not. I know the media makes it look like the people on the left are solid, that they’re adjusted and that they’re unified and coordinated and all this. These people are miserable, and they are the ones bringing everybody down. I wouldn’t succumb to it if I were you, if I could, but I know it goes deeper than that.

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