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RUSH: The blockbuster news today that everybody is ignoring, understandably so, is contained in a headline at a website called Circa. John Solomon, who used to be an AP reporter, who was not your typical AP reporter — I’m going back 10 or 12 years. Then he went to the Washington Times. He’s now formed a website or taken over a website that used to be named Circa. It’s his now, and he writes with a woman named Sara Carter.

The headline of this blockbuster story: “Obama’s Rule Changes Opened Door For NSA Intercepts Of Americans To Reach Political Hands.” What this story is about is how Obama changed the rules on incidental wiretapping. In other words, if NSA, CIA are targeting foreign actors, and that surveillance picks up Americans, such as Mike Flynn, Obama changed the rules to share the transcripts of that intel with his political people.

Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, John Brennan, opening, or I should say expanding the universe of possible leakers to the media about what was going on. So an Obama late rules change, two now, sharing intel with 16 different intel agencies, including foreign governments, and now opening the door for NSA intercepted intelligence of Americans to reach the political operatives in his administration.

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