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RUSH: “Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered Justice Department officials to review” all these consent decrees and “reform agreements with troubled police forces nationwide, saying it was necessary to ensure that these [consent decrees] do not work against the Trump administration’s goals of promoting officer safety and morale while fighting violent crime.” Consent decree is one of these terms of legality that many people might not understand. But here’s essentially what it is. After a… Well, it doesn’t necessarily require this. In fact, there were 14 consent decrees between the Obama Justice Department and local police departments.

Let’s focus on Ferguson, Missouri, since everybody knows that. After Ferguson blew up, this “hands up, don’t shoot” thing happened, the Obama Justice Department took advantage of the opportunity to essentially take over that police department by accusing it of harboring racists and behaving in a racist manner in terms of law enforcement. And since every city and every town gets federal money for this or that, the Obama DOJ held ’em up and said, “If you want to continue getting federal money, you’ve gotta sign this consent degree.”

Which essentially allowed the Department of Justice to proclaim that a police department was racist or practicing racism and to implement corrective measures that would be overseen by the Department of Justice. In this way, the Obama DOJ took over local police departments for (I believe) the express purpose to limit local law enforcement in pursuing criminal actions of minorities. And if you want me to back that up, I will. I hope you don’t need me to waste time. All I can point out to you is Eric Holder refusing to prosecute the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia for vote fraud and tampering because, he said:

“I’m not gonna go after my people,” or some such thing, “not in this administration.” It was early on 2009. They did this in Baltimore. They did it in a number of places. But the point of this story is that Sessions is now reviewing all these consent decrees. And if they find these consent decrees from the Obama DOJ to local police departments are actually hamstringing local law enforcement from doing their jobs, they’re gonna change it. It’s just another bit of evidence that the Trump administration is draining the swamp.

The Trump administration is doing what it swore it would do, doing what it promised it would do. It is continuing to unravel as much of the extraconstitutional, extrajudicial behavior of the Obama administration as it can.


RUSH:  I also have no doubt that the Obama administration, these consent decrees taking over police departments, let’s look at how many of them are in sanctuary cities, and I’ll bet we might be surprised.

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