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Millennial Women Are Upset

RUSH: I predicted so much of what has come true regarding feminism and what the consequences of everybody kowtowing to these lunatic, left-wing women was going to end up being.

Trump Welcomes Happy Patriots, Media Seethes

RUSH: Belichick, who never gives the media the time of day acting really happy, they never see Belichick happy. Belichick never looks like he’s enjoying anything except immediately after a Super Bowl win.

Trump Wins Again, Washington Establishment Stymied

RUSH: My impression has been all along — and it was this even before Trump won — that the entire Washington establishment is opposed to Trump, including the Republican members. The establishment is not just elected people. The Washington establishment includes members of the media. It includes all of the scholars and thinkers at the think tanks. It includes all the nonprofits. It includes the bureaucracy. And that's all opposed to Trump.

President Postpones Meeting on Paris Climate Accord

RUSH: The last thing I said on this program yesterday was an urging of President Trump not to have any meetings on the Paris climate accord, to not go there, to don't do it. Headline today: "White House Postpones Meeting on Paris Climate Deal." Yes. That's all it took. Now, to make it permanent.

The Real Truth: Republicans Won, Ossoff Lost

RUSH: Would you like to hear the real truth in what happened in this election last night? Do you think you can handle the real truth? Particularly you Democrats and leftists and progressives in the audience? I know you're there, and you know you're there, and you know who you are, as do I.

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