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RUSH: Have you heard the furor over the latest Pepsi ad, which caused an explosion on Twitter last night? You haven’t heard about this? Okay, Pepsi has a new ad, and basically it involves the younger Kardashian babe. What’s her name? Not… (interruption) Yeah, what is her name? Jenner, Kardashian…? (interruption) Well, whatever. The blonde one. It’s not Khloe and it’s not Kim. I got ’em all confused. (interruption)

Kendall Jenner? (interruption) That sounds like it might be. Doesn’t matter. There is a public protest featured in this ad, looks like an anti-Trump protest, looks like an anti-whatever protest in Ferguson, Missouri. It’s a large group of people, and this Kardashian-Jenner babe walks up and gives a can of Pepsi to a policeman, and this big group of multiracial Millennial protesters cheer.


RUSH: By the way, folks, speaking of Ferguson, Missouri… Missouri had county and city elections yesterday. Ferguson reelected the white mayor, and the left is outraged! The left is beside itself here. There was a black woman running against the white male mayor. The mayor got 56% of the vote; the black woman running against him got 44% of the vote. You know what the racial makeup in Ferguson is? The population is 67.4% black, 29.3% white — and the incumbent white mayor was reelected.

NBC News is beside itself. The Associated Press is beside itself. It doesn’t know how to explain this. This could not have happened, and they’re deeply searching for explanations for it because it doesn’t make sense to them because it doesn’t fit what they think they created in Ferguson with the coverage of that mythical “hands up, don’t shoot.” They think they poisoned the well against all white people in Ferguson and converted the town to a largely black town, and they thought they had done a good job.

Obama went in there and took over the police department based on the fact they thought it was racist. It was another one of these consent decrees allowing the Obama Department of Justice to determine how the Ferguson police department ran itself, otherwise they wouldn’t get any federal money. And then this election happens. They’re beside themselves. They can’t figure it out. You know, when things that happen outside the Beltway happen, they are clueless. They cannot explain them. Especially when they think they have gone someplace like Ferguson and forever poisoned the well.

And when the people don’t behave — as in vote — the way the media and Democrats think they should, then we have problems.

Now, about this Pepsi ad, what this really is — or what really has the left agitated here is — that these protests are serious things. They’re really serious, and they’re engaged in by really committed people against genuine fascist, authoritarian pigs like Trump. And to have Pepsi go in there and claim that giving a cop a Pepsi will make the protesters stop protesting is offensive. It’s absurd! And now Pepsi is hated. Pepsi is despised. Twitter last night blew up against Pepsi for, quote, “appropriating anti-Trump resistance to sell soda.”

So they went in there and made the protesters look like they were anti-Trump people and that they could be bought off and silenced with a cop accepting a gift of Pepsi in the midst of the protest. Now, as an adjunct to this, you know, I study advertising to a certain extent, because I think it gives us a clue as to our culture. Advertisers’ main objective is to separate people from their money, and so advertising has to be culturally relevant. It has to be hip, at least to the audience targeted.

So if you’re running ads at Millennials — if you’re aiming your advertising campaign at whatever demographic, whatever age-group — you have to be very confident you know who that age-group is and what they consider important, unimportant and all that. And that’s why people think, “Well, whoever ran this campaign totally botched this because to say that a soft drink…” In a can! These people hate cans, by the way. The protesters hate cans ’cause they pollute. They destroy the planet, don’t you see. It’s aluminum.

It’s just as destructive as hell. And then to add insult to injury, you give a cop (who’s the focus of evil on the left) a Pepsi, and that makes everybody stand down? The left feels cheapened. They think that Pepsi is attempting to appropriate their anti-Trump movement. So as an adjunct, I have been noticing the commercial that Coke is running lately. The reason I’ve been focused on this or interested in it is that there is an all-out assault on sugar in our country today for the health reasons and the sugar lobby.

“The sugar kings largely donate to Republicans,” although they actually spread it around. But sugar is absolutely horrible. You know, sugar destroys teeth; it creates diabetes. All these crazy allegations about it. It’s an enemy. People should not… Look at how much corn syrup is in a can of soft drink. People oppose it (at this stage). Certain people. Millennials are so very, very wary of sugary drinks. So how is Coke dealing with this? Well, the Coke commercials that I’ve seen do not use a can. The Coca-Cola in the commercials all comes out of a bottle.

But that’s not what’s important. What’s important is the setting. Coca-Cola is being positioned as the beverage at family dinners, at family barbecues. When the family goes to a restaurant — upscale or fast food — a bottle of Coke is present at every one of them. Coca-Cola is attempting to position their beverage not with any current political movement or anti-Trump movement. Pepsi was trying to capitalize on anti-Trump resistance, just proving they don’t understand it, because you can’t do anything that makes the cops look good in the Trump resistance.

Anything that makes the cops look good, you are gonna bomb. So you don’t find the cops in a Coke commercial unless one of the family members happens to be one. It’s all family settings with Coke being prominent, but made to look like it’s just as much a part of the get together as the meal is. And it doesn’t matter if it’s at home or at an upscale restaurant or fast food, there’s that bottle of Coke. And everybody’s smiling and the family looks great and they’re having a great time. Which of those two campaigns do you think has the greater chance of succeeding, given the war on sugary drinks?


RUSH: Jerry, Dover, Delaware. Great to have you. How you doing?

CALLER: Greetings, Rush, from a fellow Southeast Missourian. You mentioned sometime a while ago about the election in Ferguson?

RUSH: : Yeah.

CALLER: I think it should be investigated because I’m pretty sure the Russians were involved.

RUSH: Well, it is very strange. You know, the population of Ferguson is like 64% black, and the incumbent white mayor won by 55-45, and the very left that we’re talking about is beside itself. They are enraged, and they can’t explain this. After all they did, and yet Ferguson, Missouri — with a majority black population — reelected an incumbent white mayor. And that’s why Jerry here is wondering whether or not the Russians had anything to do with it.

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