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RUSH: Mother Jones — by the way, Rush Limbaugh here, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have, you’ll find out why in a moment — Tomahawk missiles are offensive to Native Americans. We need to change the name of the cruise missiles that we launched into Syria because Tomahawk missiles are offensive to Native Americans. What about the Tommy gun? Might that offend Brady?

Well, he might walk that back. How ridiculous can you be? By the way, it’s not a joke. They’re dead serious. The editor of Mother Jones — and, by the way, would it surprise you and would it be sexist of me to point out that the editor is a woman? Oh, speaking of which, you know, I had a story last week, and I mentioned it a couple times, I never got to because it wasn’t at the top of the issues Stack, but it is all about Millennials. Millennial men preferring to be the family breadwinners, and they want their wives to be stay-at-home moms.

Well, now there’s a companion — it’s a good thing I saved this. ‘Cause now there’s a companion story, Millennial women reembrace a homemaker life. Now, both stories from the same website, PJ Media. But we’re gonna go there, we’ll get to those two stories today. Fascinating cultural stuff as the perception that people have of Millennials may not be totally correct. Not saying you can typecast an entire generation, but people have tried to with this bunch, and there’s a lot of surprising data coming in from surveys of them.

But the editor at Mother Jones — again, let me add, is it sexist of me to point out that she’s a woman and finds that the name of the missiles that we launched in Syria, Tomahawk, is offensive to Native Americans? She never even talked to Native Americans. She just assumed so. She just assumes — and why do you think that?

Do you think it might be all of this talk about we can’t say Redskins, it’s offensive, even though surveys of Native Americans, the vast majority have no problem with it whatsoever. They got other things on their mind than whatever the name of the football team in Washington is. But here’s this editor at Mother Jones thinking — she probably, when she wrote this tweet, probably thought she had stumbled into brilliance. And if you look at the Twitter reaction that she got, she’s a laughingstock. Her name is Clara Jeffery.

“Clara Jeffery, editor of Mother Jones, suggested on Saturday that American Indians are likely offended by the name of the missiles President Trump launched this week.” Obama launched Tomahawks during his time. Do you think it ever occurred to this woman anybody would be offended at what they were called?

You know what I think we ought to do? Let’s change the name. Let’s change it from Tomahawk to the Obama class. Let’s name some cruise missiles and some drones, because Obama loved killing people with drones. Let’s have a drone class and a cruise missile class of Obama type, you know, like we have the Nimitz class aircraft carriers. We had the scud version of certain kind of missile. Do you think that might not bother the left, to name the weaponized projectiles after Obama? I do too. I think it’s a fascinating idea. Everybody’s looking for ways we can honor the former president. Why not name a cruise missile after him, an entire class of them?

Get ’em ready for when we have to hit Iran. What better — (laughing) — I don’t want to laugh about that, because that may actually necessitate or eventuate at some point. She said that missiles are called Tomahawks, it must enrage a lot of Native Americans. This is exactly why Trump won the election.

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