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RUSH: You’ve probably never heard of the National Union of Healthcare Workers unless you’re a member.

This so-called “national” union has only 11,000 members. All in California. But they’re making headlines as the first union to declare itself a “sanctuary union.”

As a sanctuary union, the NUHW says they can offer their illegal-immigrant members “protection” from “Trump’s deportation dragnet.” And from management retaliation. Whatever that means.

They have partnered with a San Francisco law firm to represent members and their relatives. They say their mission is also to educate members how to hinder federal agents from determining their immigration status.

The union is also trying to convince the hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes where their members work to help shelter illegal immigrants who are patients and caregivers.

By declaring themselves as a sanctuary union, the National Union of Healthcare Workers promises to provide a “safe space” to discuss the issue and “make a difference.”

Well, goody.  Deportations and arrests of illegal immigrants have already spiked dramatically since Trump took over.  By making it known they are a sanctuary union they can make a difference by making themselves a good place for ICE to look for the next round of deportees. Go ahead, guys, make yourselves the target. We love it.

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