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RUSH: I need to give a shout-out to Mike’s Cigars down in Miami Beach. I went on Amazon last night ’cause I had to replace… I buy these giant Rocky Patel, five-jet butane lighters that withstand any wind on the golf course in south Florida. I mean, they’re like six inches high. It’s a giant… It’s a tube. It looks like a big cigar itself, but it comes in gunmetal and what looks like stainless steel, black or whatever, and it holds a lot of butane. So it’s perfect.

I dropped mine on the golf course the other day out there and it screwed up the lighting mechanism. So I was scouring Amazon last night trying to find them, and I did, but Amazon doesn’t ship them. They have contracts with third-party sellers. So the normal shipping is like 10 days to two months when you buy something third-party on Amazon. But you can click on a link that lets you send an email to the seller. So I clicked on the link. It’s about 1:30 this morning.

I said, “Please ship overnight, FedEx or UPS priority, and charge my account. Bill it. Bill it to the account.” I got an email from Mike’s Cigars today, some guy named Mike. “Happy to do it! We’re in Miami Beach. We don’t even need to charge you extra. You’ll have it tomorrow without a problem. Thanks for your business.” Two other third-party sellers whom I bought from said, “Sorry, can’t. Amazon handles it all. You’ll get it when you get it. Thank you.” I’m not kidding. So I just…

I wanted to give them a shout-out because the guy mentioned to me in one of his emails that they have as an objective to become as good at customer service as Amazon is, since they’ve signed on as an Amazon third-party seller. Mike’s Cigars in Miami Beach. You know that a place like Mike’s Cigars in Miami Beach has to be a great little cigar place. It just has to. It’s probably been there since Fidel, I’m guessing.

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