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RUSH: Saturday is Earth Day, the highest “high holy day” for environmentalist wackos all over the world. In addition to the usual kooks who always show up at Earth Day events this year there will be geeks.

There’s a big political protest planned. Thousands of scientists will supposedly march on Washington to protest what they call the Trump Administration’s “assault” on evidence-based thinking. They’ll also protest the new EPA budget and the elimination of global warming funding.

Many of the scientists expected at the protest are employed by the federal government. For now. They’re worried that under Trump, their life’s work might be disregarded and their jobs might be eliminated.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is an honorary co-chair of the event. Figures. He only has “honorary degrees” in science; he isn’t a scientist at all. He’s a performance artist and a geek. So he’s the perfect choice to lead a protest supporting the global warming hoax .

News reports preview some of the protest signs to be unveiled on Saturday. “Make America Smart Again” is one. And try this question-and-answer banner: “What do we want? Evidence-based policy. When do we want it? After peer review.” That’s gonna light them up. Can’t wait to see what kind of violence this inspires.

But at least this Earth-Day “march of the liberal scientists” has potential. It could be one of most ridiculous, pompous protests in American history – and therefore good for a great laugh.

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