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RUSH: It’s great to have you here. We are back at it, ready to go, Rush Limbaugh, the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. The audience, ladies and gentlemen, since the election is now, as I’ve been telling you, larger than ever, 26 million. And unlike previous elections, the audience here has continued to grow. Normally on most outlets, after the election, particularly such a fevered election as the one we had, there’s a natural drop-off as the intensity of the moment fades away. That has not happened here. It is as intense as ever and is continuing to expand, and we thank you very much.


RUSH: Despite all the media out there, we still find many things every day that we talk about here that you will not hear discussed anywhere else. Do you realize how valuable that is to you as a member of the audience? Do you realize how challenging that is for me as a host, to be able to pull — it is. I thrive on it each and every day.

I remember Robert Novak. I interviewed Robert, The Prince of Darkness. I interviewed him once for the Limbaugh Letter, the most widely read political newsletter in all of America, and he said to me that his objective was to have something new that never had appeared before in every column that he wrote. That was his objective.

My objective from the beginning as part of never having guests is since everybody else does, how am I gonna stand out having a bunch of people here who really don’t care about the success of the show. They only care about it as a vehicle to promote their book. Since these guests are everywhere, why should I do that? I mean, the media landscape out there, folks, has all kinds of people in it. So it’s a challenge, a fun, exciting challenge to come up with some elements every day that you know are not gonna be discussed anywhere else, and then to make them interesting.

Yep, and today there’s been three or four of those. So I’ll go home today thinking this was a good day. Snerdley has looked bored most of the day, so I’ll ask myself — I’m just kidding. (laughing).

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