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RUSH: Look at that. Right there is exactly what I’m talking about. Turn it on, Friday. Right there on Fox. “This fight is a process. Trump knows that a government shutdown in his first hundred days would be very bad politically.” That’s on Fox. There’s some guest on Fox. “Even Trump knows a government shutdown in his first hundred days very, very bad politically.” So this is why Trump is gonna back off on funding for the wall so that he doesn’t have the bad optics of a government shutdown in the first hundred days.

I don’t know. Are we never gonna deal with this? Are we never gonna take this government shutdown and cram it up every orifice in every Democrat’s body we can find once and for all? Are we ever gonna take this government shutdown and put it where it don’t shine? Just once is all it would take to cram it right down their throats, or any other orifice that happens to be handy. Given the Democrat, you never know.

Now, that’s not Trump saying it, don’t misunderstand. It’s some analyst on Fox. I don’t even think it’s a Fox infobabe or anchor, whatever. It’s just some graphic there the bottom of the screen. “Oh, yes, of course, President Trump would definitely not want to see a government shutdown in the first hundred days of his presidency.” No, of course not.

Greetings, and welcome back. Just great to have you here, isn’t it? Isn’t it wonderful to be here?

On the very week that we might have a government shutdown, Pew magically produces a poll that says 57% of the American people want a big, active, expansive government feeding people and solving problems. We get this poll five days before a potential government shutdown. Isn’t it amazing how all of this happens? “Rush, are you saying the poll may be doctored?” Hell, yes, I’m saying it may be doctored. I don’t know, but, folks, look at all of the tripe that’s made up in the media already! Look at all of the stuff documented, the lies, the misrepresentations.

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