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RUSH: Apparently a lot of people are asking, I’m getting emails, “You haven’t talked about Obama talking to the bank.” Okay, okay, I’ll mention Obama going to the bank. See, I don’t — let me rein it in. Barack Obama is going to deliver a speech to a Wall Street big bank, Cantor Fitzgerald, for, what’s it, $400,000.

Well, apparently a lot of people care because they think there’s a lot of hypocrisy here. And there is. But how many times have I tried to say that hypocrisy does not dent Democrats at all. They are permitted to be as hypocritical as needed. This is $150,000 more than Hillary ever got for making speeches. These are these big, bad Wall Street firms the Democrat Party’s been blaming everything on for eight years. Evil, big banks. We had to do Dodd-Frank to rein ’em in because they do nothing but rip off their customers.

Evil, big banks. The Democrat Party’s tried to convince as many Americans as possible that the Democrat Party stands with them in opposing and holding these banks to be honest and making sure they don’t damage people. Then what happens? You find that Hillary’s out making 25 or 30 speeches to different banks for 250 grand a pop and that her husband’s doing the same thing.

Now here comes Barack Hussein O, fresh out of retirement now doing a speech for 400 grand to a Wall Street bank. There is hypocrisy here based on what they say, but the dirty little secret is that these are the people that have been underwriting the Democrat Party for the last eight years. Wall Street is the official underwriter, call it the official sponsor, if you will, of the Democrat National Committee!

And then it’s breaking news out there, Obama’s gonna do a speech at Cantor Fitzgerald for 400 grand. I know they rip the banks and they rip the health insurance companies, and yet all these people were in business and raising money and donating money to the Democrats and Hillary and Obama.

Look, this is why Bernie Sanders is the most popular Democrat around. He is the only Democrat that doesn’t go out and make big speeches to banks. When he rails against them, he means it, and to a lot of the Democrat Party, he’s the top dog right now. The Democrat Party’s in a world of hurt. I know, I know, I know, it doesn’t look like it, you get tired of me saying it. But within many measurement metrics, as an electoral proposition, they’re in trouble.

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