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RUSH: Franklin Delano Roosevelt is why we measure president’s first 100 days. His first 100 days he signed 76 bills into law, including the New Deal, government on steroids. It became a yardstick to measure future presidents.

The New Deal was actually a Bad Deal for America. FDR’s Big Government intervention prolonged the Depression. But that’s for another update.

Now we’re at Trump’s first 100 days. The defining factor is not what he has or hasn’t done. It’s what his liberal opposition has done.

On Day One, Inauguration Day, liberal Democrats in Congress boycotted the event. That’s an affront to our political system. Washington saw arson, vandalism, and violence by masked anti-Trump protesters.

Since then, organized, paid protesters have disrupted town-hall meetings. Rioters have taken to the streets. Elected Democrats openly say they’re going to defy immigration law. California wants to declare itself a sanctuary state. Liberal activist judges ignore the Constitution in order to thwart Trump’s presidential powers.

At universities conservative speakers are threatened with violence to shut them up. Trump family members are accosted. Every day the Drive-By-Media tries to destroy Trump with hostile and inaccurate reporting.

It’s been 100 Days of hate from liberals losing their grip on power. So buckle up, folks, because it is not going to get any better for them. Trump is gonna end up cleaning their clocks.

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