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RUSH: This is unbelievable. No, it’s actually totally believable. Look at this in the New York Times. Now, remember we were told yesterday Obama was gonna do a speech, get paid 400 grand by Cantor Fitzgerald. New York Times: “Obama Balances Civic-Minded Side with Lure of $400,000 Speech.” So the New York Times finds Obama could be two people. He can be this guy getting 400 grand and still be a high-minded public servant with no conflict whatsoever. Obama carefully, artfully balancing the two aspects of his career, of his personality! The greedy, money-grubbing speech giver, and the public figure who is into public service.

Would you be anywhere near seeing this kind of understanding (chuckles) from George W. Bush getting paid for a speech or whatever?

And then from The Daily Caller: “New Biography: Young Obama ‘Considered Gayness’ — Barack Obama considered being homosexual as a young man, according to a forthcoming biography … by David Garrow, Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama…” Oh, now I’m just… I’m confused, folks. What, he chose it? Well, I mean Obama considered being homosexual? Considered? I didn’t know that… Oh, gee. (Interruption) Well, yeah. I mean, I thought… I didn’t think… I… (sigh) Oh, man. You have your heroes, and then they just blow up right in front of you. It just happens every day, seemingly.

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