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RUSH: Overland Park, Kansas, where I used to live in a shack. We have a caller named Deb, in Overland Park, great to have you. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, thank you so much.

RUSH: You bet!

CALLER: I’ve heard so many callers say that it is an honor to talk to you, and, believe me, it is. It is an honor to talk to you and hear your voice. I’m a longtime listener, and I just want to thank you. I wanted to let you know that we are all so grateful out here for the many, many hours that you put into your work to prep daily and deliver such a succinct program while commingling all of the day’s news into one show. I mean, it is an extraordinary talent that you have, and you are an immense blessing.

But what I wanted to tell you and to share with you is that recently in a Bible devotion that I was reading, I came across the meaning of the word “rush,” and it is a Hebrew and Aramaic word, “rush,” that means “spirit, breath, or wind.” And this word is actually used extensively in the Old Testament to describe the Spirit of God. It says that “rush is the bringer of life to man, rush is the hand of God in history, and rush is God working his way.” So I just thought I would share that with you.

RUSH: You found this in a devotional?

CALLER: Yes, uh-huh. A devotional, uh-huh. A Bible devotional. Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: Huh! I have… I — I’m blown away. I’ve not heard that. I’ve not.

CALLER: I hadn’t, either.

RUSH: I’m used to being called a rock, things like that. (chuckles)

CALLER: (laughing) Well, I know that the left thinks that you’re air turbulence, but you are a blessing to us.

RUSH: You are so sweet. Your whole call has just been a never-ending bit of upbeat optimism. You must be one of these people that watch Fox & Friends and don’t know how bad things really are out there.


RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: Actually, I do watch them, and I think they’re wonderful.

RUSH: Seriously, thank you so much. You’re very shrewd and perceptive the way you put all that today. I mean —

CALLER: Well, thank you very much, Rush.

RUSH: No, no. Before you started talking about the name Rush. Just the way you analyze what I do here. It’s very perceptive, and I’m profoundly appreciative. Really am.

CALLER: Well, thank you very much. It is an honor, and I enjoy listening to you every day.

RUSH: I’m glad you called. Believe me, the honor is mine being able to be here every day, and I do not take that for granted. I appreciate that very much, Deb.

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