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RUSH: Hey, did you see Obama’s accepted another $400,000 speech? That’s two of them now. The first $400,000 speech was from a Wall Street firm, Cantor Fitzgerald. It slips my mind who the second one is from, but I have an idea. That’s how much he made per year as president. And we’re told that liberals don’t care about money. We’re told that liberals do what they do for altruistic reasons. We’re told that liberals are compassionate. They care.

They don’t care about getting rich, they aren’t rich, and they, of course, have negative comments and things to say about everybody who is rich. And yet when they have a chance to money grub, they go out and do it. Now, if Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were actually honest when articulating their class envy and class warfare rhetoric. For example, if they really mean it when they say they want to tax the rich, you know how they can prove it? Suggest a 90% tax rate on all speech income above $50,000.

Wasn’t it people like Obama and Clinton who tried to limit the tax deductibility corporations paid their CEOs above a million dollars a year? It’s very simple. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, made to order, put your mouth where your policy is. Suggest a 90% tax on all speech income over $50,000. Don’t hold your breath, folks, it will never happen. But if they were honest and if they really meant this class warfare stuff, they’d be just as irritated when liberals get rich as they are when Republicans and conservatives do so.

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