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RUSH: There is a woman in the news today, a 25-year-old by the name of… the name is so odd. What is her name? (interruption) Well, yeah, Winner, but it’s Secret Winner, Liberty Winner… Reality, Reality Winner. How does a 25-year-old woman end up getting a security clearance that would allow her access? This woman is typical of American Millennial youth today on the left.

She has been totally radicalized. She hates Donald Trump. She hates the Republican Party. She hates conservatism. Where would she become radicalized like this? Well, obviously wherever she went to school she was radicalized, but I would maintain that she has been radicalized by American pop culture as well. And she is not the only one.

You know, it’s fascinating. Did you know, ladies and gentle, we found out who she is because she printed apparently some documents from the NSA which showed that the Russians were attempting to get into voter machines in several states. And the Democrats are out having orgasms over this today because they think this proves it, this is it, this is what we have been looking for.

Well, the NSA has had this for I don’t know how long. Obama has known about this even before he went out in December and said there’s no evidence that the Russians ever tried to tamper with voting machines. He said this in December. He said that it wouldn’t be possible. This document or this series of documents that were leaked to The Intercept by Reality Winner do not say what the Drive-By Media is reporting.

They do not say that the Russians succeeded in hacking voting machines, but it doesn’t matter because the left is off and running with this now as is the Drive-By Media, as best as can be determined, and it is really in the weeds the more you read this NSA document.

Apparently — and I don’t know if I even believe this, folks. This is too convenient. It’s too pat. It fits an agenda that the left has no evidence for that they’ve been pursuing and chasing for nearly a year now. And, all of a sudden, when I’m not here, by the way, all of a sudden when I’m not here, this massive secret document’s discovered by some 25-year-old consultant for the NSA. And she printed it out and sent it to The Intercept.

Now, The Intercept is a website founded by Glenn Greenwald. Glenn Greenwald is the journalist that coached and covered Snowden, Edward Snowden. Greenwald is in the movie about Snowden. Snowden met with Greenwald before he went to work even for Booz Allen in Hawaii, which is the NSA consultant that Snowden worked for. And now this babe was working at a consulting company for the NSA in Augusta, Georgia.

She prints out these documents. Let’s deal with them for a moment as it’s been reported. I want to just reiterate. I’m not sure that, at this stage, I believe any of this. This is too big a smoking gun and if this document really contained what it’s said to contain we would have heard about it long before now. But let’s run with it nevertheless according to the hypothetical. The interesting thing — and there are many interesting things about this — I didn’t know until I started looking into this that practically every modern printer records metadata that can be easily ascertained if you have easily available computer programs.

In every document that a printer prints there are nearly invisible yellow dots. These yellow dots differ from printer to printer. And if they are detected and analyzed, they can tell anybody the serial number of the printer, the physical location of the printer, and therefore maybe the person that printed the document. This is how she was discovered.

Did you know that your printer, you look at a plain white sheet that’s got some text on it, do you know there are yellow dots? There are. You have to use a couple of computer programs to invert color, turn the whites to black, and then you have to use another program that delineates it further. It’s like Photoshop-type-stuff. You can see these yellow dots. They’re plain as day once they have been translated. They’re infinitesimal. You’ll never see them looking at a printed document, maybe with a giant magnifying glass, but they’re tiny.

But they contain information. The way they’re arranged, how many of them are solid versus how many of them are not solid, just open circles, and they contain information about the identity of the printer and where the printer is and the serial number. This is how this babe was nabbed. She now has a lawyer.

You want to hear something else, folks? This woman, Reality Winner, has been arrested under the identical statute that James Comey said did not warrant prosecuting Hillary Clinton. It’s the identical statute that they have charged her, or are going to charge her, whatever, she’s under arrest. The same exact statute where James Comey said no reasonable prosecutor would ever go after Hillary Clinton because there is no record of intent.

So what we have here is basically a 25-year-old who speaks three different languages in Afghanistan. This is one of the reasons why people think she got the security clearance. But she didn’t work for the NSA. She works for a company that is a consultant, just like Snowden did working for Booz Allen in Honolulu. And she comes across whatever she comes across and sends it to this website, The Intercept, which is associated with Edward Snowden.

She didn’t send it to any of the Drive-By news outlets. It’s an indication of how she’s been radicalized and who informs her. You know, you look at these young people and some of this stuff that happened. I paid attention to all of it when I had snatches of time. And looking at the reaction to Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord and the reaction to Hillary Clinton, it’s striking to me.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to actually express this. It’s worrisome, obviously. But it is striking to me the intense ignorance bordering on stupidity that seems to have become mainstream on the American left. The ease with which young people have been radicalized with anti-American drivel and the way they have so eagerly embraced it and glommed onto it, they can’t think. They have not been taught to critically think.

They have simply been indoctrinated. And I think the people who’ve done it, college professors, comedians, pop culture people, I don’t think — and we’ll never, ever really know — but I don’t believe that they ever really thought that their indoctrination would lead to this degree of insanity, wackoism, stupidity and ignorance. I think they thought they were creating armies of voters for Democrats, but I don’t think that they were intending to create an uncontrollable army of absolute idiots.

I could be wrong. Maybe the behavior by these wacko young people on the left is exactly what has been intended. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case, but even for the people who propagandized all this and indoctrinated it may be out of hand. It’s now beyond control. There’s no way to reach these people. They’re just out on a limb. This climate change stuff, folks, listen to what people said about us pulling out. And it’s not just young radicals.

American CEOs are saying some of the stupidest things that they really mean, like, “Well, this is the end of humanity. Well, Donald Trump has just signed a death warrant for the planet.” They’re serious. These people actually mean this stuff. They’re running around actually believing this stuff when there is no evidence whatsoever. There isn’t any manmade climate change. It’s not even arguable and yet it’s become religious which means you can’t argue with them, it’s their faith.

But it’s absent any common sense. And the thing that really is ironic is they think everything they believe is rooted in science. They’ve bastardized science. They’ve destroyed science. They’ve politicized and corrupted science. Whatever they believe, it isn’t science, but they think it is. And the reason this is alarming is normally when young people go off the track it’s been possible to get ’em back. But these people are too far gone. And now they’ve become adults, now they’re teachers, now they’re CEOs. They’re so far gone they are beyond capturing and bringing back to the mainstream. They’re gone, they’re lost.

The problem is they are continuing to manufacture, influence, and create like-minded people among them. I find it also fascinating that they are genuine uncontrolled radicals, dangerous radicals. Look at Bill Maher uttering the N-word; nothing happens to him. They engage in bigotry and racism and all the things the left supposedly abhors and they get away with it. They’re not called on the carpet. Well, Kathy Griffin may be a bit of an exception, but there are reasons why, and I’ll get into those. I mean, the left will occasionally sacrifice one of their own if they think it’s not too big a loss. And let’s face it, losing Kathy Griffin doesn’t hurt your cause in any way, shape, manner, or form.

But they’re so far gone here that even the idea of having reasonable conversations with people seems beyond the scope of possibility. And it’s not the kind of mind-set or thinking, mentality or maturity that can preserve a nation at risk in a dangerous world. We have raised a generation of people who I fear are not capable of defending this country against attacks against it, and I think we’re seeing this.

You look at what happened, the latest terror attack in London, and who remains the problem? Donald Trump. Donald Trump remains the problem? With terrorists openly, wantonly attacking and murdering people at will wherever they want to in the world except where they are not. They are not in Poland. They are not in Slovenia. They are not in Japan. And where they are not, there is no terrorism. Where they have been welcomed and where borders have been eroded they are present and they are murdering, killing people with impunity wherever they are. And every time it happens Donald Trump is said to pose the greatest threat to the world, and in fact, it’s these people with their heads in the sand.

I don’t know, but I fear that if something similar to D-Day were necessary to save America, I don’t think we have it. I don’t think we have a sufficient population that would rally. I think way too many of them would agree with the attackers that we are corrupt and deserve this. I mean, some of the things this Reality Winner is saying about the white race and what it means, it’s inexplicable. Nobody’s taught this stuff. This kind of guilt and anger has to be infused.


RUSH: That Reality Winner babe, being white is terrorism. Who teaches anybody this? Being white is terrorism. Not Islamic Sharia is terrorism. No, no, no. Being white is terrorism.

Do you know what it was that really set her off? It was the Dakota pipeline. She lost it over that. But she had to have become radicalized really deeply before that issue even came up. But she’s gone. She’s just totally lost. Her future is meaningless.


RUSH: NSA leaker. This is Reality Winner. There’s nothing about this woman’s name that makes sense to me. The reality of what she’s done is not a winner. It’s a losing proposition. She is a Bernie Sanders supporter. She is a Trump resister. You know, why obsess over Russian hacks when any idiot can walk into a company working with the NSA and steal any damn secret they want? Why worry about Russia?

When somebody like this, a 25-year-old anti-Trumper, anti-American, pro-Bernie Sanders can get hold of this kind of stuff, why worry about the Russians hacking anything? We’ve got our own domestic people hacking and leaking. And now leaking has become politicized. Leaking is a crime. And we’re eliminating the criminal aspect to it because the leaks the left likes happen to be leaks against Trump. So we’re gonna eliminate the fact that there’s criminal activity going on here and we are going to start celebrating leakers as whistleblowers.

And I will predict to you that that’s the route this babe and her lawyer take, because she is in direct violation of a federal statute written regarding trafficking in classified data and documents. She has been charged under the same statute that James Comey gave Hillary Clinton a pass on. In fact, if you want the numbers, it’s Title 18, United States Code Section 793(f) that Hillary Clinton was investigated under, having violated. Comey found that she did violate it.

However, Comey said he couldn’t find any intent, and therefore no reasonable prosecutor would ever bring such charges. This woman, Reality Winner, was arrested under Title 18 United States Code, same title, section 793(e). Hillary’s was 793(f). This is 793(e). Here’s how it reads.

“Whoever having unauthorized possession of, access to, or control over any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, or note relating to the national defense or information relating to the national defense which information the possessor has reason to believe could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation willfully communicates, delivers, transmits, delivers,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

It goes on to list the crimes involved here. It’s exactly what she’s been arrested, the same provision Hillary Clinton was arrested under. Ah, ah, ah, sorry. Not arrested. The same statute that Hillary was exonerated against this woman has been arrested and will be charged.

Now, the U.K. Guardian reports that she’s a former Air Force linguist. She speaks three different languages spoken in Afghanistan: Pashto, Farsi, and Dari. So it appears that she got her security clearance through the Air Force as a linguist and then after leaving the Air Force took a job that required clearance in mid-February of this year. She, having admitted what she did, would seem to have no defense. It’s an open-and-shut case. She stole and disseminated classified data.

Now, The Intercept story — this is the Glenn Greenwald website that she mailed this document to — The Intercept story is about how the Russians were spear phishing a company that builds election software. Now, you’ve seen all day today the left is in an orgasmic fit because they think this is the smoking gun, that this woman has found the document and made it public that shows the Russians were indeed try to tamper with votes, the actual voting process for which there is zero evidence. And this document provides zero evidence.

Once again, it’s a phishing campaign. It’s not a hack. That’s putting a fine point on it. What the document says is that the Russians, or if anybody, whoever was behind this, was trying to find their way into voter registration rolls, if anything, that is what was going on. They were not tampering with votes that had been cast. In fact, I think all of this is smoke and mirrors. With so much fake news out there, with so many things in the news that have been provably, demonstrably inaccurate and wrong, this is just too convenient.

But even if it is true, the only thing the document alleges is that the Russians were attempting to spear phish certain areas of voter registration roles, not the counting or tabulating or casting of votes in any way, shape, manner, or form. But I even get antsy even acknowledging that as a possibility, because I think it’s all just too pat. Where’s this stuff been?

Look, there are plenty of people that have access to this document that hate Trump that could have gotten this out way before today, way before yesterday, whenever this happened. And they could have gotten it out to a website far more mainstream than something called The Intercept.

But this keeps all the big guys’ fingerprints off of it so we can’t question their motives. All they do is end up reporting this, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s to add so-called credibility to it. I’m suspicious and dubious of all of this.


RUSH: Here is Rebecca in Byfield, Massachusetts. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, sir. I’ve been listening since I met my husband Christopher back in 2003 and we’re now raising two Rush Babies. He works for IT and does a lot of networking, he’s an engineer, and it drives him crazy. We were watching the news last night and we saw the reports of this bombshell with the Reality Winner girl.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: He said, “This is just ridiculous because people don’t understand, we don’t have a system that networks all of the voting machines together, ’cause if that was true, we wouldn’t have to wait for the printings to send them all in at the end. We would know instantly who won like right as the polls closed because it would be all scanned together and networked together.” And he says that people just don’t seem to understand how computers work in that sense. So they assume that the whole system’s connected where it’s not. And it just rattles our bones because I’m sure everybody right now in Massachusetts, ’cause that’s where I am, is believing all of this and just taking it hook, line and sinker and we’re just shaking our heads at the news. So I just wanted to bring that up to your listeners.

RUSH: Did you say your husband, your fiance?

CALLER: My husband. We’ve been married for eight years now, yes.

RUSH: Okay. So he’s an IT specialist, so you and he know — and you’re exactly right. If these systems, if every state and every precinct in every state, if they were linked to where you could get into ’em and hack ’em — and they’re not — many of these systems are not even connected to the internet.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: They’re not hackable in that regard. That’s why this story is so bogus. But it feeds the narrative. The narrative has been out there for a year. You really can’t blame low-information voters, Rebecca, for falling for this. They believe what they see in the media. And the media’s telling them that Trump hijacked the election, that the Russians stole the election, they hacked it. And so here comes this leak, which claims, this document claims that the Russians were trying to get into certain states’ voter registration files. Nothing to do with actual election night stuff, just voter registration files.

But we don’t even know if that’s true. If this is true, the fact that this document has been hidden away, that nobody’d used it up to now, tells me it’s worthless in practical application; there’s nothing to it. But used at this time, thrown out there as a hail Mary right before Comey is slated to testify on Thursday, right here when the Democrats are pulling their hair out claiming nobody can find any evidence, voila, it’s all too pat.

CALLER: And also once there’s other terrorist attacks, they’re trying to I think take away from the focus on terrorist attacks that are awful and try to then keep focusing on Trump and, you know, obviously the Russia narrative and things like that, they’re trying to divert us.

RUSH: Well, I am so happy that you see through this. We need more people able to, and there probably are more people who do than we have confidence in believing. But, folks, she is exactly right. But there’s one other point I want to make about this so-called hacked or stolen document from Freedom Serenity — what is her name? Right. Right. Reality Winner. Again, I think it’s a big deal. This document’s been around for who knows how long. It’s been at this consulting company, it’s been in there, they’ve had access to it for months and months and months. Why hasn’t somebody else leaked this?

Are you telling me this document would not have helped last August? Are you telling me this document, even in November, late November, December, can you imagine the hassle this document could have caused if they had released this during the transition? That’s when they were looking for this so-called evidence. You read The Intercept website story and I defy you to come out of that not lost in the weeds. I defy you. I defy you. You know, I can read this stuff. I can read the stitches on a fastball. I can find my way through intricately woven webs of deceit. I read this thing and I came out, I felt like I needed to spray myself with insect repellant before I went in there. You are so in the weeds on this stuff.

It’s a lot of words that don’t say anything really substantive. It just looks like it does. The headline and the name of the Website, The Intercept, and then you’ve got this woman who supposedly speaks three languages. It’s one language with three dialects. The media’s trying to make her look like she’s really greatly, profoundly educated, worldly and sophisticated. But to me it’s just all too pat.

At the end of the day, which I know is a tired and worn-out phrase, even after this document today, after it’s been released, after it’s been finding its way through the intricately woven web of media deceit, we still do not have an allegation with evidence behind it that the Russians hacked the election. Because they couldn’t have, because they didn’t. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s gonna continue, because the left’s purpose now is to delegitimize Trump and to the paralyze the Republicans so that they do not help advance the Trump agenda. That is really what all of this has become about.

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