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RUSH: Some school districts in the greater Boston area are “alarmed” by President Trump’s “increasingly hostile stances.” So administrators are sending letters to students and parents to offer reassurance.

Now, what are the president’s “increasingly hostile stances”? There are three, according to the Boston Globe. The first is President Trump’s executive order pausing travel from seven Mideast nations until we square-away our vetting process. Because ISIS has threatened to infiltrate the refugees and carry out terrorist attacks on our soil.

The second Trump “hostile stance” is his executive order strengthening border security, and directing ICE to enforce existing immigration law, particularly when it comes to illegal immigrants with criminal records.

The third “increasingly hostile stance” – the one that tops all others, according to Boston school administrators – is Trump’s executive order on school bathrooms. It overturned Obama’s directive to allow transgender students to use whatever public school bathroom they wanted regardless of other students’ privacy concerns. That was a bridge too far.

Never mind that Trump’s order returns the decision to states. Never mind that school districts like greater Boston can implement whatever policy they want without federal intervention.

These northeast liberal elitist educators claim that protecting the country against terrorist attacks, enforcing existing immigration law, and allowing states to choose their own transgender policies, this is hostile? These people are hostile to reality.

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