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Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Candy Corruption

RUSH: Just when we thought investigative journalism was dead, the Washington Post brings us back to the Woodward and Bernstein glory days. This is sure to shake up Washington.

Media Has Cow Over Trump-Merkel Presser

RUSH: Little Brian Stelter over at CNN went doubly crazy talking about how stupid that made Trump look. "Well, that makes Trump look crazy," even though Merkel was wiretapped! This is what I have meant all day long about Trump turning upside down the way all of this stuff happens in Washington.

What’s the Funniest Call Ever?

RUSH: When I tell you that I very seldom think back, it really is true. I'm not trying to dodge anything here, ever. It's just when this program ends today, it's over and I'm on to what's now happening that I'm gonna need to address the next time I'm here. In this case it would be Monday. So when people ask me to think back, I often ask other people things they remember.

Sean Spicer Takes It to the Press Corps

RUSH: These people are on TV. They believe they are defending, protecting, and saving the country because they have a First Amendment right to do what they do. They are imbued with so much self-importance that it reeks. And yet when people quote them, when people say that they watch them or read them, they freak out. "You mean you got that from us? How stupid are you?" Think of that.

Thomas B. Edsall on the Decline of Men

RUSH: To me it was a surprising thing to see in the New York Times, to even have it acknowledged, the increasing significance of the decline of men. If you want to talk about the decline of men, it is happening. Men in great numbers are not going to college. Now, I would disagree profoundly with the reasons given in this piece as to why.

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