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Rush 24/7 Morning Update: No Class

RUSH: California Senate Democrats ought to be embarrassed that a proud Vietnamese-American woman cannot speak in praise of our military or tell the real story of her heritage.

Lifelong Democrat: Trump’s Speech Reminded Me of JFK

CALLER: I'm telling you, after I listened to that man, I believe he is JFK. I swore I was back when I was young. I listened to that man talk, and it reminded me of JFK, and I don't believe I will ever vote for another Democrat in my life.

Fox News Guests: Rush Is Right About the Deep State

RUSH: I'm always surprised when people agree with this, pleasantly so, 'cause it's combative. Most people, "No, that's not the way to go. You ruffle feathers this way." So this has actually been somewhat reassuring.

There’s No Bromance Between Trump and Putin

RUSH: In my humble opinion that I know is an ontological certainty, there never was a Trump-Putin bromance. It's been manufactured in the media, and it's manufactured by the fact that Trump won't criticize Putin.

Nobody Is Draining the Swamp

RUSH: Nobody's draining the swamp. Trump's people are recusing themselves! Trump's people said, "Yeah, I won't play. I won't participate." The deep state's not going anywhere.

Mike Pence Used a Private Email!

RUSH: Remember all of the lengths the media went to try to assure everybody that it was quite common and Obama knew and that he was happy with it. Nobody had a problem with it. Now, all of a sudden, we're supposed to be appalled.

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