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Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Not Slaves

RUSH: Sunday’s Washington Post ran a big, blaring headline: “Thousands of ICE Detainees Claim They Were Forced into Labor, a Violation of Anti-Slavery Laws." Now, wow, that sounds really bad. I bet right now you’re asking, “What’s this all about, El Rushbo?”

What Trump Supporters Can Do to Help

RUSH: I think the one thing you all can do is demonstrate however you do it that you are with Trump, that you're not wavering, that this is not causing you to weaken or lose resolve in any way, shape, manner, or form.

What to Make of James Comey?

RUSH: Didn't we just have a week's worth of media outrage at the untrue report that Reince Priebus had requested the FBI to knock down a story? That was the false New York Times story about continual contact with the Russians. We were told, it's not the FBI's job to knock down stories. And yet here comes Comey asking, as the FBI director, to knock down a story.

The Long List of People the Obama Administration Spied On

RUSH: It's like the old question from Pascal: Is it tougher to believe that something that's never happened will happen or that something that has happened will happen again? Well, we've got something here that's happened.

If Trump’s Right, This Makes Watergate Look Like Romper Room

RUSH: Well, if Trump is right, and if Obama or an agent has actively been surveilling and wiretapping the Republican presidential candidate, that makes Watergate look like Romper Room. It would be the culmination times five of what Nixon was anticipating or hoping to do in Watergate.

Out-of-Control Media Hatred for Trump

RUSH: There it is, right up there again! Look at the headline on CNN: "Trump (Without Evidence) Accuses Obama of Wiretapping." Have you ever seen that same headline: "Democrats (Without Evidence) Accuse Trump of Conspiring with Russians"? I'm telling you, the hatred these people have! That's what it is.

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