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RUSH: By the way, have you heard…? I guess it’s Random House has announced a dual book deal with Michelle and Barack Obama. Now, I know the number, but I’m not sure that they’ve announced it. The number is $60 million, a $60 million advance for two books: One from Michelle (My Belle), one from Barack. (interruption) Well, I think… Yeah, it’s the advance or it may be the whole package. But, again, they’re not announcing it.

Now, one of the things that I’ve heard the reason — and they’re not specifying of the 60, who gets how much. Does Obama get 40 and Michelle 20? Does Michelle get 50 and Barack 10? The reason they haven’t is ’cause I’m given to understand that they don’t know which of the two is gonna outsell the other. They’re not sure. You know what I think this is? Apparently, in the bidding were Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins, which is Rupert Murdoch’s outfit.

Simon & Schuster is CBS. Random House, I don’t know who their parent is. But Hillary got $14 million and everybody lost their shirt. And the deal talks about, the announcement talks about how there’s no better composer of prose among active presidents than Barack Obama. And I just had to smirk at that. But I’m just gonna tell you what I think, and I got nothing to back it up.

The $60 million for a book deal — if that number is accurate — means somebody has decided to invest that much money rather than a traditional $2 million advance and then let’s see how much it sells and take your percentage of that. I don’t think they want to risk nobody buying the book like nobody bought Hillary’s. Because Obama… You know, talking about the Democrat Party and no bench and therefore no identity, Barack Obama is still all they’ve got.

Even though he’s the architect of their it misery, he’s the architect of their decline, he’s the architect of their political losing, in their minds, he’s all they’ve got. They can’t allow anything to happen such as a new book that nobody buys or a new book that doesn’t sell very well. I mean, it… That Obama book had better set records or something’s wrong. So what they’re doing is setting the record before a single one has been bought and not taking a chance on the fact that not very many would sell.

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