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RUSH: Let me go to the audio sound bites and get started on these. We got a little hypocrisy illustration here from Senator Schumer. I know, I know what I said yesterday, but it’s still interesting to listen to. Up first: June 30th, 2016, Schumer held a press conference, and a reporter said, “Senator [Chuck You], President Clinton had an impromptu private meeting with the attorney general earlier this week in the cabin of her government plane. Now, in light of the Justice Department investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, do you think that it was appropriate for the husband of Hillary Clinton, the former president, to be meeting with the attorney general overseeing the investigation into his wife?”

And here’s what Schumer said…

SCHUMER: She’s an honorable person. We know that. She has a reputation of being honorable. Our Republican colleagues have said it. She has said nothing was discussed, uh, related to the investigation. So you have two choices: To say this didn’t matter or she’s lying. I think it didn’t matter. I don’t think she’s lying.

RUSH: “She’s an honorable person.” You know, we had a caller yesterday. I had said earlier, and he had a different way of saying it. He said, “We in Alabama love Jeff Sessions. He’s a great Christian man,” and he said, “Rush, you know, in America it wasn’t that long ago, that counted for something. I mean, that was a testament to one’s character,” and I had to agree with him. Jeff Sessions is a decent, honorable, man. Have you heard anybody…? Well, Trump would say he’s a good man, but here’s Schumer. (paraphrased) “No, no, no. I’m not concerned. Look, she’s an honorable person! The Republicans have said she’s an honorable person. She said they didn’t discuss anything. So there’s one of two things: She’s either lying or it didn’t matter.”

Now I want you to listen to Schumer, his press conference yesterday, discussing Jeff Sessions speaking with the Russian ambassador.

SCHUMER: The information reported last night makes it clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that Attorney General Sessions cannot possibly lead an investigation into Russian interference in our elections or come anywhere near it. With these revelations, he may very well become the subject of it. Because the Department of Justice should be above reproach for the good of the country, Attorney General Sessions should resign.

RUSH: (chuckles) Oh-ho. So Loretta Lynch, she’s an honorable person; didn’t matter. There was nothing serious going on there. With Sessions (impression), “He might even be the guy who was colluding with the Russians! And there is no way! He ought not just recuse himself. He ought to just resign and get the hell back to the foreign country of Alabama.” Now, as I say, we can point out this hypocrisy, but this is never decisive. This kind of stuff doesn’t ever work in our favor in terms of shifting public opinion.

And you know why? Because that sound bite that you just heard? This will never be reported in the New York Times, and your liberal buddies I was talking about earlier that you might want to have a friendly conversation with? They’ll not know of this. This is on Fox News, yeah, the press conference. But the New York Times isn’t gonna cover it — or if they do, they’ll never go back and play Schumer’s reaction to Clinton meeting Loretta Lynch. My guess is you can find…

Among your liberal friends out there wherever you are, you’ll be able to find a pretty big number of them don’t even know that Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch on her government plane on the tarmac in Phoenix one week before Comey was to announce some result in his investigation of Clinton’s wife. I maintain that the people read the New York Times and watch ABC, CBS, NBC, don’t even know that that happened. It wasn’t reported. It was a local Phoenix TV anchor. They happened to have a body cam out there at the airport. They saw it all happen, they looked into it, and Fox News ran with it. Conservative media. The Drive-Bys? No. Zip, zero, nada. Not a story.


RUSH: Just a reminder that the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, was at the Trump speech, joint session of Congress speech on Tuesday night, he was there. He was there as a guest of the Democrats. This is all so laughably silly, except we’re not laughing enough about this, but at some point we’re gonna be, I predict to you.

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