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RUSH: Here is B.J. in Milwaukee. Hey, B.J., great to have you, get started with you here. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing well. Hi, Rush. Last hour you made a comment about the Democrats linking the Russian suspicion to Trump for even as long as eight years, and who cares if there’s no results, it reminded me of something here in Wisconsin with the John Doe investigation into our great governor, Scott Walker.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: The Democrats always saying that there’s something there, we don’t know what it is, but because we don’t know what it is, let us just look into everything, and we’ll let you know what it is when we find it. And they carried it through an election, it was ridiculous because, just like you made a point earlier this hour, if they had something, they would lead with it, and it would be everywhere. But there was nothing on him. And at least we were smart enough, most of us in this state, to get him back in office.

RUSH: You know, that’s a good point, three times. There were two special elections and a reelection, and he won all three of them and beat them back all three times. They even left the state, the Democrats in the legislature left the state to avoid voting on things.


RUSH: Now, I want to expand on something here that our last caller said. You may not know what the John Doe investigations were in Wisconsin. He gave a very good little summary of it. It was the Democrat Party, they were actually invading homes of supporters of Scott Walker. They were allowed to go into homes and conduct searches, looking for whatever. They had no crime. They were looking for one. They had no malfeasance. They were looking for some. They had no unethical behavior by the governor. They were looking for it.

Now, the point that he was making is that the people of Wisconsin did not let the Democrats there get away with it. Scott Walker overcame. He won two recall elections. The Democrats tried to impeach him, for all intents and purposes, they tried to impeach him twice by having recall elections. He beat both of those back and then was reelected. So he went three elections in like a six-year period. Now, that happened, and then of course Wisconsin went for Trump. His point was the people of Wisconsin did not let the Democrat Party get away with that.

Now, that’s true. I’m not trying to take any credit away from Governor Walker and his campaign skills and all that, but the people of Wisconsin that voted for Walker stuck with him, and they weren’t swayed by this, because Walker had dismantled much of the union machinery in Wisconsin, teachers union — and that was the big one, ’cause it always is, and some others as well. Now, the reason that’s important, as it relates to what’s happening now, is that’s all Trump has.

I know you’re probably bored with hearing me say this, but, folks, it’s the truth. Trump doesn’t have anybody other than the people that voted for him backing him up. As compared to Obama. Obama had the media covering for him, backing him up, and Obama has the media doing his dirty work now trying to undermine and sabotage Trump in a silent coup. And then the Democrat Party remain unified in this purpose. And the only thing Trump’s got is his supporters.

Now, it’s an interesting Gallup poll out today — and nobody’s talking about this — over a third of the country say that Trump’s speech boosted their confidence in his presidency. One of the reasons all of this activity is ratcheted up this week is because that speech blew them away and scared their pants off. They didn’t think Trump was capable of that. They know that they were looking like a bunch of abject idiots sitting on their hands all night. Even when Carryn Owens was being honored, they sat on their hands, many of them did.

The question here is, you know, Trump’s speech engendered additional support for him, but that’s it. And it’s crucial for the people that voted for Trump and support Trump to remain so and not be frightened off, bored off, frustrated off, or otherwise, because that’s all he’s got supporting him right now. And that isn’t gonna change for a while. So what would be the equivalent, if you impeach Trump, there’s no election, and there wasn’t an impeachment of Walker. I’m calling it an attempted impeachment by virtue of recall election. There isn’t such a thing in the U.S. Constitution. You can’t recall, redo an election. So they have to go impeachment or they have to make it so bad that he just quits, doesn’t want to do this anymore.

So how does this end up? Now, the on-the-table evidence is that the Democrats are not gonna get away with this because the people that voted for Trump still are the ones that determine who won, obviously, and they haven’t cooled on Trump, and they’re getting further irritated and angered by all of this. Now, the next referendum of all this is gonna be 2018, and I actually think the Democrats are gonna lose their shirts again.

Remember, the media tries to make it look like, in their coverage every day, that all they’re doing is echoing the opinion of the majority of Americans, that, why, everybody agrees with it, everybody knows that Trump rigged the election, everybody knows that Trump had a deal going on out there with the Russians, everybody knows this. But that’s not what everybody thinks. Probably close to a hundred percent of the people that voted — well, 70% of the people voted for Trump don’t believe it, never will believe it.

And I actually believe that the Democrats are so overdoing this in their panic that it’s gonna backfired on ’em, but we’re not gonna know that for a while. Trump could hasten this by really blasting back at these people. And you can do it in substantive ways.

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