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RUSH: Here’s a little funny story. This is the Los Angeles Times. (laughing) I’m not kidding. The Los Angeles Times is upset at the Democrats. They want the Democrats to stop resisting Trump, at least for a little while, so that Trump can pass his infrastructure bill, ’cause LA needs the money. Not kidding, ladies and gentlemen.

The Los Angeles Times, they hate Trump like the New York Times does. They say: “Two things ought to come to mind in California when President Trump says he plans to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure. And no, they’re not ‘Oroville’ and ‘San Jose,’ although those are good clues. The first is that if the federal government is going to prioritize vast new infrastructure spending, California’s water projects should be near the top of the list. Bring it on.”

So LA, as represented by the LA Times, wants the Democrats in Washington to stand down for just long enough for Trump to get his infrastructure bill so they can get their pork. This is funny. So there’s a little bit of a split. You know, LA’s way out there in the Left Coast, and the New York Times really doesn’t care about the LA Times; they really don’t.

Do you remember the story from a couple weeks ago, infrastructure crumbling in — there’s a bridge in the, what was it, San Francisco region. There’s video I saw earlier this week of a bridge literally crumbling and falling apart? San Francisco and California’s infrastructure problems are real, and there was a story accompanying them that the California state legislature, the assembly in the Senate in the last five years or so, have spent $100 billion on fairness.

Meaning legislation that dictated fairness and nondiscrimination and human rights kind of stuff, a hundred billion dollars on fairness type, be-nice-to-victims legislation, rather than their own infrastructure, ’cause they want federal money for that. And the LA Times wants the Democrats to stand down for however long it would take for Trump to get his trillion dollars so that they could get their share of it.


RUSH:  The crumbling bridge was Chicago, not San Francisco.

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